450 Words: All-Time 450MX Wins and Podiums


Trying to chase down statistics in supercross and motocross can sometimes lead you down a rabbit hole you’ll never emerge from. For some reason or another, stats just aren’t a big part of the sport when compared to other mainstream sports. Baseball, for example, has an entire company (Elias Sports Bureau) in charge of keeping statistics and records. Hey, at least we have the Vault. (Talk about going down a rabbit hole and not coming up for a few days.)

Long story short, one of the few readily available stats we do have is all-time career wins and podiums. Once a year (sometimes twice, sometimes not at all) we put out a list of all-time wins and podiums in the premier class. With the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship already underway, we figured we’d revisit the list so you can keep track of it all year.

Career 450MX Wins

Rider Career Wins
1 Ricky Carmichael 76
2 Ryan Dungey 39
3 Bob Hannah 27
4 Ricky Johnson 22
5 James Stewart 20
6 Kent Howerton 18
7 Jeff Emig 16
8 Ken Roczen 15
9 Jeremy McGrath 15
10 Jeff Ward 13
t-11 Ryan Villlopoto 12
t-11 Mike Kiedrowski 12
t-11 Jeff Stanton 12
t-14 Mike LaRocco 11
t-14 Gary Jones 11
t-16 Chad Reed 10
t-16 Kevin Windham 10
t-18 Doug Henry 7
t-18 Pierre Karsmakers 7
t-18 Jimmy Weinert 7
Rider Career Podiums
1 Ricky Carmichael 84
2 Ryan Dungey 69
3 Kevin Windham 55
4 Mike LaRocco 53
5 Chad Reed 45
6 Rick Johnson 43
7 Bob Hannah 41
8 Jeff Emig 39
9 James Stewart 38
t-10 Jeremy McGrath 35
t-10 Jeff Ward 35
t-12 Kent Howerton 33
t-12 Jeff Stanton 33
14 Ken Roczen 29
15 Tim Ferry 27
t-16 John Dowd 24
t-16 Ryan Villopoto 24
18 Greg Albertyn 23
19 Sebastien Tortelli 22
20 Andrew Short 21

- Anyone think RC is ever getting caught? Yeah, he could hold this record for quite some time.

- One record Dungey probably could have gotten is all-time podiums. Dungey trailed RC by just 15 entering the year, and considering in 75 career Pro Motocross starts he’s landed on the podium 69 times (92 percent), Dungey would have passed RC in 2018.

- Only three riders—Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia, and Josh Grant—that raced Hangtown have won an overall in 450MX. Ken Roczen (15) and Trey Canard (1) missed Hangtown due to injury.

- With his sixth-career win at Hangtown, Eli Tomac moved into a tie with John Dowd, Damon Bradshaw, Ron Lechien, and Marty Tripes for 21st all-time.

- Tomac currently has 20 career podiums, which places him 21st all-time, tied with Jimmy Weinert.

- Roczen currently leads all active riders in all-time podiums with 29, he is out for the 2017 season due to injury, though. 

- Justin Barcia is second amongst riders currently racing with 17 career podiums. Canard also has 17, but he’s out due to injury.

- Josh Grant and Marvin Musquin both earned their sixth career podium finish at Hangtown, moving them out of a tie with Jason Anderson, Broc Tickle, Warren Reid, Mike Bell, Jimmy Bell, and Ernesto Fonseca.

And just because, here is the all-time wins and podiums records for the 125/250 class.

Career 250MX Wins

Rider Career Wins
1 James Stewart 28
2 Ricky Carmichael 26
3 Mark Barnett 25
4 Steve Lamson 20
5 Ryan Villopoto 19
6 Guy Cooper 16
t-7 Blake Baggett 14
t-7 Broc Glover 14
t-9 Jeff Emig 13
t-9 George Holland 13
11 Eli Tomac 12
t-12 Jeremy Martin 11
t-12 Jeff Ward 11
t-14 Mike Kiedrowski 10
t-14 Ron Lechien 10
16 Grant Langston 9
t-17 Marvin Musquin 8
t-17 Michael Brown 8
t-17 Micky Dymond 8
t-17 Bob Hannah 8
t-17 Marty Smith 8
Rider  Career Podiums
1 Steve Lamson 47
t-2 Mark Barnett 40
t-2 Guy Cooper 40
4 George Holland 35
5 Ricky Carmichael 32
t-6 Johnny O'Mara 31
t-6 Ryan Villopoto 31
t-8 Mike Brown 30
t-8 Erik Kehoe 30
t-10 Jeff Emig 28
t-10 Broc Glover 28
t-10 James Stewart 28
t-10 Jeff Ward 28
14 Blake Baggett 27
t-15 Mike Kiedrowski 25
t-15 Jeremy Martin 25
t-17 Ryan Hughes 24
t-17 Eli Tomac 24
19 Ryan Dungey 22
t-20 Christophe Pourcel 20
t-20 Cooper Webb 20
t-20 Dean Wilson 20