3 on 3: The Off Weekend


It’s mid-July now and the relentless professional racing season has rung up 24 races thus far, with only three weekends off (Easter, the May weekend between Monster Energy Supercross and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, and a weekend off after the Thunder Valley National). This upcoming weekend is only the fourth break of the year for the riders.

Earlier this week Honda HRC sent us this update on Cole Seely’s weekend plans after Southwick:

“I haven’t been back in California since before the Thunder Valley race, so I’m pretty excited to spend a weekend at home. I’ve seen my girlfriend since moving but not my dogs, so I’m honestly most excited to see them!” Seely laughed. “It’ll be just a quick trip because I’m still going to train in Florida early in the week, then fly back on Thursday.”

It got us to thinking about some other riders’ plans. So Steve Matthes and I fired off a few texts to see what some of the riders have going on this weekend. Here are their responses.

Dean Wilson: Wake surfing [and] relaxing in my pool.

Joey Savatgy: I’m not sure yet. Maybe go to the beach with my girlfriend. I’m sure I’ll do something but nothing crazy!

Jeremy Martin: Training and I might go check out the X Games in Minneapolis.

Henry Miller: Probably do some wake boarding and mountain biking.

Adam Cianciarulo: Going to California for 2018 Kawasaki bike intro, then back to Florida for a Fox photo shoot on Kenny’s [Roczen] boat. Plus I think we’re going to Top Golf on Saturday after our road ride.

Zach Osborne: I’m laying low. I’m considering going to a Clearwater spring near home here in Florida and just hanging out, but nothing special. hahahaha

Marvin Musquin: Well me and Mathilde are gonna be home I think. We don’t have big plans. We’ll keep training and ride my stand up jet ski Saturday or Sunday.

RJ Hampshire: Off weekend we are going scalloping and spending some time out on the water. 

Luke Renzland: I'm treating the weekdays the same as far as training goes, but this weekend I'm planning to head out to Jacksonville to race go karts, do some bowling, and play a ton of volleyball? 

Troll (Alex Martin): I'm taking the weekend off completely from training, going to the beach with my fiancé Kelsey, and going to watch the Minions movie in theaters! Lol

Fred Noren: I am actually not fully sure what we'll do lol most likely just hang out maybe go to Myrtle Beach or something. 

Dylan Ferrandis: My plan is to go to the ocean spend the weekend in a nice hotel with my girlfriend and just relax probably around Santa Monica 

Ferrandis is feeling good going into the break after nearly winning Southwick.
Ferrandis is feeling good going into the break after nearly winning Southwick. Rich Shepherd

Christian Craig: My birthday is the Wednesday before Millville so Paige planned a little party for me on the off weekend. Going to take a party bus to Top Golf an hour away with the Florida crew. Other than that, just hang out with the family & enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Chase Sexton: This weekend is Christians birthday so we are going to top golf ? but on a normal weekend I'm not racing I'll usually ride Saturday and then hit the golf course! Really, if I'm not riding/training I'm usually at the golf course ?

Eli Tomac: I don’t take weekends off. I keep hammering.

Eli searching the dictionary to find out what
Eli searching the dictionary to find out what "off weekend" means. Jeff Kardas