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Christian CraigChristian Craig — Christian lost the front end on the sweeping right-hand turn into Glen Helen’s sand section and, on his way down, he punched the ground with his fist. The result was a broken knuckle. He could be back as soon as Mt. Morris in twp weeks.
Kyle Cunningham — Kyle crashed hard at Glen Helen and went to the hospital to check the damge, but all turned out well. He’s sore, but hopes to be at Thunder Valley to see if he can race.
Cameran McAdoo — Cameron’s Geico Honda poppe dinto neutral on the face of Glen Helen’s hip jump. The crash was spectacular on video, but Cameron was not injured (and will be in Colorado).
Mitch Oldenburg – A broken collarbone from a crash at Glen Helen, He won’t be racing in Colorado, but could be back in a month.

ken roczenKen Roczen – Ken will not be racing the 450 Nationals this year. He suffered a dislocated elbow, wrist and multiple fractures at Anaheim II.
Davi Millsaps — Davi is having surgery on both wrists (now that the Supercross season is over).

Trey CanardTrey Canard — No need to rush back from the collarbone he broke while Supercross testing. If he skips Thunder Valley, he will get a n extra week off before Mt. Morris on June 17.
Jordon Smith — Injured at Las Vegas Supercross, but might be back in a couple weeks (most likely Mt. Morris).

NICOLETTIJGR2 09-59-58Phil Nicoletti
— Broken heel and fractured fib. Wants to return later in the year.
Benny Bloss — Still recovering from a broken arm, but will return before the 450 National’s halfway point.

EnticknapAdam Enticknap (722) —Broken ribs, collarbones and collapsed lung in Las Vegas. No timetable for return.
Tyler Enticknap (723) — Broken tib/fib in Las Vegas Supercross. Hopes to be back by round four or five.

BISCELGIAJGR2Matt Biscelgia — He is healing up from a broken femur, but will return before the 250 National’s halfway point.
R.J. Hampshire – Another rider healing up from a broken leg, this time tib/fib. He too hopes to be back by the midway point of the 12-race Nationals series.
Chase Sexton – Broken femur. Also hopes to return before the end of the National series.
Chris Alldredge – Suffered a collapsed lung, lacerated liver, multiple fractures at Seattle Supercross (when he was landed on over a jump).

COLTONAECK222Colton Aeck — Will not be back for the 2017 AMA Nationals after being landed in in Dallas.
Jimmy Albertson — Injured in Supercross and unlikely to return.

Photos: Brian Converse, JGR & Daryl Ecklund