2018 Husqvarna TE250i -0290The Husky TE250i has a 700cc oil tank underneath its tank. Meaning, you don’t have to mix gas anymore. However, you do have to remember to full the oil tank up about every 5 tanks of gas. Photo by Daryl Ecklund

We got our hands of one of the few Husqvarna TE250i fuel injected two-strokes in the country last week. Ya we know, what is a full off-road bike doing on the pages of MXA? We have a crystal ball. We know this bike will be the future of all two-strokes. Fuel-injection is the future of smokers. Not because the technology is better, but because environmentalists want stricter emissions. So strict that carbonated two-strokes can’t pass the Euro emissions leaving them sidelined.

As usual, KTM and Husky was on the forefront to pave a path to the future. They aren’t going to let two-strokes go extinct. They still have a big place in the market. We doubt the Japanese manufactures will follow in suit, but all we can do is watch and see what happens.

2018 Husqvarna TE250i -MXA’s Daryl Ecklund throws the offroad Husky sideways off the hip jump at Glen Helen. Photo by Travis Fant 

We rode this bike on motocross tracks (headlight and all), tight trails, big up and down hills, Endurocross tracks and everything in-between. We wanted to see what it was capable of. What it could and couldn’t do.

We first jumped on the motocross track. Lets back up a bit. First we stiffened the compression all the way front and rear. We knew is was going to be soft. But, it took to the bumps and most jumps pretty good. There were no jumps on the track that were rolled due to fear of bottoming. Just don’t come up short! In tight corners our testers had to down shift to first gear. First gear is geared really low and is spaced far apart from second. We went a tooth up on the rear so our testers could pull second though the tighter corners.

2018 Husqvarna TE250i --5Daryl took the bike on the Endrocross track. It took the rocks, tires and  logs with ease. Photo by Travis Fant

The linear powerband was sluggish out of corners and the clutch had to be feathered to reach the meat of the power which was way on top. We went in a few turns on the powervalve adjuster to liven up the bottom without taking too much away from the top-end.

If this full offroad bike took to the track well, how do you think it worked offroad? The same issues we had on the track we had offroad. The powerband needed much more bottom and mid for the tight trails and Eundurocross riding. The gearing and powervalve changes we did for moto worked hand in hand for off-road terrain. The bike handled great and had no issues.

2018 Husqvarna TE250i -0299It is safe to stay that fuel-injection will be the future of two-strokes. 

This fuel-injected smoker has the pony power of the carbureted bikes. With a few more years of development, these KTM and Husky fuel-injected two-strokes are going to put their carbonated bikes out to pasture.

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