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Tom White at the 1975 Ascot TT National. He was in a podium position on his Harley XR750 when the crank blew. It was the closest he ever came to a Grand National podium because a couple weeks later he broke his arm badly and retired to start the White Brothers.

The TrailBlazers Motorcyle Club, one of the most prestigious racing organization in America, just announced that Tom White will be awarded their top honor at next year’s Trailblazer’s banquet. The Dick Hammer Award is the highest honor that the 73-year-old club has to give. It was named after motorcycle racing legend Dick Hammer and has been presented for the last 18 years to racers and tuners who demonstrate “Drive, Determination and Desire.” There is a perpetual trophy and Tom White’s name will be added to it this coming year.

For Tom White it is a greater honor than his being inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame because Tom started as a Grand National dirt track racer before becoming a motocrosser, business man, philanthropist, race promoter, announcer, sponsor and museum owner. Tom says that he grew up admiring the men whose names are on the Dick Hammer Award.

PAST RECIPIENTS OF THE DICK HAMMER AWARD 2000…Dick Hammer 2001…Gene Romero 2002…Joe Leonard 2003…Everett Brashear 2004…Tom Cates 2005…Dick Mann 2006…Bud Ekins 2007…Skip Van Leeuwen 2008…Dennis Mahan 2009…Malcolm Smith 2010…Dan Gurney 2011…Ralph White 2012…Sammy Tanner 2013…Ed Kretz, Jr. 2014…Kenny Roberts 2015…C.H. Wheat 2016…Keith Mashburn 2017…Dave Ekins

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