Photos by Scott Mallonee

 Marvin Musquin 2017 millville national--12Marvin Musquin’s wife, Mathilde, gives him a thumbs up while cruising in the lead. 
 Alex Martin 2017 millville national--11Alex Martin after a hard fought moto. 
 Joey Savatgy Mitch Payton 2017 millville national--10Joey Savatgy gets his first win of the season. 

Aaron Plessinger 2017 millville national--9Aaron Plessinger overheating after a moto. 
 Alex Martin 2017 millville national--6Alex Martin finishes 2-4 for another second overall. He still hasn’t been able to pull off an overall win this season. 
 Joey Savatgy 2017 millville national--5Joey Savatgy lead every lap of the first moto, but got run down by points leader Zach Osborne in the second moto. 

Aaron Plessinger 2017 millville national--3Aaron Plessinger got on the podium the first moto but went down in the second salvaging a 12th for 7th overall. 
   250 start 2017 millville national-2RJ Hampshire captured the first moto holeshot and ended up 5th for the moto and 6th overall. 
  Justin Bogle 2017 millville national-2-2Justin Bogle came around the first lap of the second moto in the lead but went down. He ended up 19th overall.
 2017 millville national-An overview of the Spring Creek National track. 
 450 start 2017 millville national--51Start of the 450 first moto. 

podium 2017 millville national--50The 450 podium from left to right: Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Dean Wilson. 
 Marvin Musquin 2017 millville national--49Champagne shower anyone? 
 Marvin Musquin 2017 millville national--48Marvin likes the Viking helmet. 
 Eli Tomac 2017 millville national--47Eli gets to keep his red plate. He has a 20 point lead over Blake Baggett. 
   Marvin Musquin 2017 millville national--17Marvin got a bit exited for his win and burns some rubber. 
 Benny Bloss 2017 millville national--43Benny Bloss finished 17th overall. 

Justin Barcia 2017 millville national--42Justin Barcia went 5-8 for 6th overall. 
 Blake Baggett 2017 millville national--41Is Blake Baggett losing steam in the championship race? Only four rounds to go to bridge the 20 point gap between Tomac. 
  Benny Bloss 2017 millville national--39Benny Bloss pulls a tear off.
 Marvin Musquin 2017 millville national--17Marvin looked good. 
 Eli Tomac 2017 millville national--37Tomac’s second moto crash cost him a podium in the second moto. To see the crash click HERE

450 start 2017 millville national--36Henry Miller (#81) captures the second moto 450 holeshot but crosscuts and goes over the bars just a few moments after the first turn. 
 Zach Osborne 2017 millville national--34Zach Osborne loses 2 points to Alex Martin. Zach still has a 43 point lead. 
    Jeremy Martin 2017 millville national--31Jeremy Martin was fast, very fast. But mistakes and a crash cost him a podium spot. 
 Mitchell Harrison 2017 millville national--30Mitchell Harrison. 

Adam Cianciarulo 2017 millville national--29Adam Cianciarulo had the fastest time in practice and finished 5th overall on the day. 
   Marvin Musquin 2017 millville national--17Marvin Musquin was first to get the checkers in both motos.
 Dean Wilson 2017 millville national--25Is is awesome to see Dean Wilson get a 3rd last week now a 2nd this week.
  Cooper Webb 2017 millville national--23Cooper Webb finished 5th on the day and sits 8th in points. 
    Fredrik Noren 2017 millville national--19Roost from Fredrik Noren rear tire. 
    Weston Pieck 2017 millville national--15Weston Peick hit Henry Miller’s bike on the start of the second moto. He got up and charged to 11th. 
  Dean Wilson 2017 millville national--13Dean Wilson sits 4th in points.