By Broc Bridges

mikekiedrowskiEli Tomac move Mike Kiedrowski (pictured) and David Bailey down a spot on the all-time win list. 

1. Eli Tomac went 1-1 in Hangtown for his sixth career 450MX victory. It was also his 31st career victory which moves him past motocross legends Mike Kiedrowski and David Bailey for 15th all-time.

2. Zach Osborne earned his first career 250MX Class win and also Husqvarna’s first ever 250MX Class win with his 1-1 showing at Hangtown. Husqvarna hadn’t won a motocross race in any class in Hangtown since April 6th, 1975 when Kent Howerton won the premier class.

3. The victory was Kawasaki’s 106th 450MX class win. Kawasaki has also had a lot of success in the first round. They’ve won seven first rounds since 2000.

kenthowertonhuskyBefore Zach Osborne won on a Husky last weekend at Hangtown, Kent Howerton was the last rider to win a motocross National on a Husky in 1975. 

4. Marvin Musquin went 2-2 in Hangtown for second overall. Musquin only had four runner-up moto finishes in all of 2016 and already has two this season.

5. 21 times since 1974 has the winner of the first round gone onto win the title. Can Tomac make it 22? In the 250MX Class, the winner of the first round has been a little less successful only winning the title 17 times. Can Osborne become the 18th?

6. Josh Grant went 3-3 for a third place overall. It was his first moto podium since the first moto of 2014. Grant is looking for his first overall victory since Red Bud 2009.

Josh GrantJosh Grant is looking for his first overall victory since Red Bud 2009.

7. Dean Wilson gave Husqvarna their best 450MX Class finish of the day with a fourth overall. Wilson went 10-4 on the day and seems to be continuing the success he had at the end of last motocross season. Wilson raced the final five rounds of 2016 and earned three fifth place moto finishes.

8. For the first time in 250MX Class history, a Japanese brand bike did not finish inside the top two of the overall results. Osborne won the event on his Husky and Alex Martin earned a second place on his KTM by going 4-4.

9. Kawasaki teammates Adam Cianciarulo and Austin Forkner each earned a runner-up moto finish and finished fourth and fifth respectively in the overall results. Aaron Plessinger’s 3-5 result was good enough for third behind Osborne and Martin.

10. In the 250MX Class, 18 of the 41 riders were on Yamaha’s. In the 450MX Class, Honda had the most with 10 of 40. There was only one Suzuki rider in the 250MX Class.

Aaron PlessingerAaron Plessinger represented 1 of the 18 250 riders that rode a Yamaha in Hangtown.