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MXPERTShuskysidepanelIf you don’t have the correct Torx (a #45 on top and a #20 on the bottom), maybe the pipe will melt the side panel off.

Dear MXA,
I am the proud owner of a 2016 Husqvarna FC250, and I love almost everything about it. But, I hate the right side panel. The left side panel comes off without tools or hassle, while the right side panel requires a tool that I don’t have and can’t recognize. I’ve been wedging a flat-blade screwdriver in the slots to get it off. Plus, the exhaust pipe melts the plastic, much like on my old YZ125 from two decades ago. What’s the deal?

The left side panel can be removed without any tools, and we wish that the right side panel had the same no-tools design‚ but it doesn’t. At the bottom front of the right side panel Husky uses a teeny-tiny #20 Torx bolt to tack the side panel in place. Sadly, you need to go to the hardware store and buy a #20 Torx wrench. If you don’t want to mess with #20 Torx wrenches, go to your local Husky dealer and order part number 00140-5012-3. It is a bolt with a 6mm hex head that matches the thread pitch of the #20 Torx bolt. Additionally, 2016–2017 KTM/Husky owners should get a #15 Torx wrench, because that is the only way to get the ODI Lock-On grip off the clutch side. We’d appreciate it if Husky would make the right side panel as no-tools-friendly as the left side in the future.

As for the melting side panel, we double up the heat shield on the pipe side of the left side panel. We just stick the new heat shield over the old heat shield.

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