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Photos by Massimo Zanzani

MX2start_MXGP_9_F_2017Looking a lot like a dirt road race course (with jumps), the French 250 GP didn’t offer a lot of bumps, just rolling hillsides.

RESULTS: 250 FRENCH GRAND PRIX 1. Pauls Jonas…1-2 2. Benoit Paturel…3-1 3. Jeremy Seewer…2-3 4. Hunter Lawrence…5-4 5. Julien Lieber…4-6 6. Jorge Prado…6-5 7. Thomas Kjer Olsen…7-8 8. Thomac Covington…11-7 9. Conrad Mewse…10-9 10. Stephan Rubini…13-11

Other notables: 11. Brian Bogers; 12. Darian Sanayei; 13. Brian Hsu; 15. Michele Cervellin; 23. David Herbreteua; 31. Brent van doninck.

Jonass_MXGP_9_F_2017KTM’s Pauls Jonass has now opened up a 42-point lead, which would be a massive lead if their still weren’t 10 rounds to go.

FIM 250 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS (After 9 of 19 Rounds) 1. Pauls Jonass…372 2. Jeremy Seewer…330 3. Thomas Kjer Olsen…291 4. Julien Lieber…282 5. Benoit Paturel…265 6. Thomas Covington…208 7. Jorge Prado…206 8. Brent Van doninck…174 9. Hunter Lawrence…171

10. Darian Sanayei…157

Paturel_MXGP_9_F_2017Not only did Benoit Paturel uphold French pride with a moto win in the second moto, but he is running fifth in the 2017 FIM 250 World Championships.

Seewer_MXGP_9_F_2017Jeremy Seewer signed a deal for at the end of last seaosn that guarantees him a 450 GP ride for 2018.

Lawrence_MXGP_9_F_2017Suzuki team manager Stefan Everts picked up a gem with Australian Hunter Lawrence. With virtually no expectations, Hunter went 5-4 in France and has moved into the top ten in 250 Grand Prix points.

Lieber_MXGP_9_F_2017Julien Lieber (33) is knocking on the door of the top three in 250 GP points. His 4-6 day in France moved him closer to current third place runner Thomas Kjer Olsen.

Olsen_MXGP_9_F_2017Fresh out of the 250EMX support class, Thomas Kjer Olsen has become a title threat. He is only 9 points out of second place in the standings. Thomas went 7-8 in France.

VanDoninck_MXGP_9_F_2017Brent Van doninck shoulda stayed in bed. Brent scored no points in France, but still hangs on to a top ten in 250 points/

MX2podium_MXGP_9_F_2017The 250 podium was made up of  Yamaha, KTM and Suzuki riders with Benoit Paturel second (left), Pauls Jonass first (center) and Jeremy Seewer third (right).