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What’s New For EnduroCross 2017


In May 2013 Bonnier Corporation and Source Interlink (now The Enthusiast Network) struck a deal that had them swapping a total of 16 magazine titles. In the deal, Bonnier acquired Dirt Rider magazine and also, Motorcyclist, Sport Rider, Motorcycle Cruiser, Hot Bike, Baggers, Super Streetbike, Street Chopper and ATV Rider. TEN picked up Sound + Vision and the entire TransWorld family of titles, including Motocross, Skate, Surf, BMX, Snow and Business.

Not included in the trade was the promotion rights to the sport of EnduroCross, which at the time had a live YouTube webcast being produced by another Source Interlink property, Grind TV.

After nearly four years apart, Dirt Rider and EnduroCross have been reunited, a deal that was announced on February 21. Eric Peronnard, the sport's creator and Lance Bryson, the director of sales and marketing, will rejoin the Dirt Rider family and Peronnard is promising to bring exciting changes to the sport as it prepares for its 14th season in the United States. DR caught Peronnard sitting on the tarmac at the Atlanta airport moments before a flight to Qatar for the opening round of the FIM World MXGP Championship.

EnduroCross has been with The Enthusiast Network for a long time.

Correct. My partner and I sold it in 2006 to what was called Primedia at the time. That became Source Interlink and that became The Enthusiast Network. But, basically, it was under the same management for 10 years.

Was it a bad fit over there with all their changes? Or did you think you could do better somewhere else?

It was a great fit at first. But then the company decided to diversify and start selling off some divisions of the business and very quickly we ended up being the only motorcycle thing within the company, which was not a good place to be. The company was becoming pretty much exclusively oriented towards the car industry and other sports but not the motorcycle industry at all.

Yeah, the only moto property they have now is Transworld Motocross, right?

Exactly. It was kind of funny, all those trades that happened, it was just like trading athletes. You don't really know what's happening in your own team.

Coincidentally, in 2013, when Source and Bonnier swapped all those magazine titles, Shan Moore and I were on our way to Taddy Blazusiak's house in Spain. We were in the car when we found out about that trade. When EnduroCross got left at Source (Dirt Rider went to Bonnier) did you guys feel like, 'hey, what about us?'

Exactly. I felt like we had lost family members when we heard about all the trading being done between the companies. Dirt Rider was really the backbone of EnduroCross as far as media and interest. All the people were great, we had a very good relationship with them. It was very sad for us when that happened. The Transworld team was really good but their passion is purely motocross. We knew it would be difficult to switch their passion from motocross to EnduroCross because they're really two different worlds.

Being back with old friends, what will this allow you to do as a promoter and as a creator?

Most likely we're going to have a good foundation again. With the Dirt Rider group and Cycle World, a lot of people actually love and care about what we're doing.

What changes are going to come?

We're going to refresh the format. We're going to be trying to give more punch to the entire evening to, what I think, is still one of the most entertaining two and a half hours in motorsports. We're going to try to make it even more entertaining; more in a pure way with more appearances of the champions and the top guys. We'll be a little bit progressive, we'll be rethinking the formats and the schedule.

Give me something!

This is the new format:

  • The top 8 riders in the championship will always be qualified for the night show (if they are present).
  • The first race will be to allow six additional riders to qualify to make a group of 14
  • The first quick moto will be a gate-qualifying seven lap race where the winner will collect one point.
  • The next race will be a bracket one lap race for the top 12 riders of the qualifier where the top guy will collect 1 point (four brackets of three, then two brackets of two and one final bracket of two!) Only the winner moves into the next bracket. I expect this to be very entertaining for the spectator since the top two riders will end up lining up on gate three times
  • Then we will have an LCQ for the non-qualified riders where one rider will join the final to make it a 15-man main event.
  • The final race (last race of the show) will be 14 laps with a new feature at some locations: a "no joke lane"! This gnarly joker lane will have to be ridden once during the race by each participant.
  • We will still have our four support amateur classes: vet, women, trials and amateur

The riders won't necessarily be doing more laps but they will make more appearances. We don't want them to do more laps because really the level of riding is already so high. You don't do 50 laps of EnduroCross.

Also, I want to bring up that the pro class is going to be called the Super EnduroCross class, just to match better the European name of our sport and make sure not too much is lost in translation between the two championships

Taddy has retired so I guess your next challenge will be to find that next superstar.

I think that Colton and Cody are already superstars. They're not as exotic as a European coming from Poland of course but the talent and the determination is very common to those guys.