Ride Engineering Announces Pull Rods for 2017 CR450R/RX


This new product from Ride Eng makes three improvements to the 2017 CRF450R chassis.

  1. They balance out the bike and make it easier to find a neutral position.
  2. Handling is improved even with the forks set at a more slack position (2mm up) in the triple clamps.
  3. The Ride pull rods allow the rear to squat and hook up better under acceleration over rough, slippery terrain.

Improvements are noticeable with stock valving or re-valved suspension and not just on the motocross version (R model). The RX became much more rider friendly particularly when changing direction on the heavier off-road machine. Recommended sag is 102-104mm since the rear sits 5mm lower with the Ride Eng. pull rods installed.