Interview with AutoTrader/JGR/Monster Energy/Suzuki’s Weston Peick


AutoTrader/JGR/Monster Energy/Suzuki’s Weston Peick has had a rough year so far in 2017. After dislocating his wrist at the Phoenix supercross race in January, Peick was forced to sit out the remainder of the Monster Energy Supercross series and set his sights on preparing for outdoors. At the opening round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series at Hangtown, he finished 11th overall with 12-11 moto finishes. We caught up with Peick at the 2nd Annual Suzuki MOTO T.E.A.M. Day to hear how his wrist is healing up and what his thoughts are leading into Glen Helen.

You dislocated your wrist at the Phoenix Supercross back in January. How has it healed up? Are you back to one hundred percent? “So far, it’s not 100 percent healed. It’s not 100 percent race-ready. It’s been off for a while and it was a pretty bad injury, so I’m probably sitting around 75 or 80 percent. I am kind of just racing my way back in as best as I can.”

With your wrist injury, how much time did you have on the bike leading into outdoors? “It wasn’t much time. I started riding the week before Vegas, so I’d say a total of 7 or 8 days of riding coming into Hangtown. Most of that time was more or less just trying to get comfortable on the bike and not really putting in laps.”

After you got back on the bike, did you ride and test here in California or back at JGR in North Carolina? “Since the series starts off here in California, I’ve been riding and testing here. Once the series goes to the east coast, I’ll head back there for a little bit.”

You finished 11th overall at Hangtown. Are you happy with that result having only a short amount of time on the bike before the race? “Yeah, for only having 7 or 8 days of riding, 11th overall isn’t bad at all. Obviously, we’re all competitors and we all want to win and get on the podium but for now, getting 11th place is still better than sitting on the couch.”

You’re from Wildomar, California, so Glen Helen would be considered your home track for the outdoor series. What are your thoughts on the track? Do you like it? “Yeah, I grew up riding and racing there, so Glen Helen is definitely my home track. It’s probably one of my favorite tracks just because I’ve ridden there my whole life and it’s a fun track.”