Cody Webb's Red Bull KTM 350 EXC-F EnduroCross Race Machine


Mechanic: Robbie Goolsby

Cody Webb’s EnduroCross race bike isn’t what you’d expect. In a race series dominated by motocross machines modified to race the specialty courses, Cody prefers to heavily modify a KTM 350 EXC-F, a machine that comes off the showroom a street legal dual-sport. Don’t worry, Cody isn’t riding this race bike down the city streets from the hotel to the track, this is a specific race bike, never to see the roads again. After each round this race bike is torn down to the frame, cleaned and meticulously reassembled. The Engine gets rebuilt based on race time.

Webb’s 350 EXC is a blend of EXC and SX parts. Cody prefers the PDS rear suspension for EnduroCross because of the added clearance and there isn’t any linkage to catch on track obstacles. The transmission is a five-speed from an SX and power gets to the rear wheel through Hinson clutch components. The engine is far from a stock EXC with modifications to the valve train and porting for increased flow. A higher compression piston bumps the power up and a crank very similar to the EXC crank (heavier than an XC and SX but not as heavy as an EXC) is used. Cody loves a lot of torque and bottom to mid power. He is not concerned with top end power. The teams tells us that this engine is extremely easy to ride and makes wonderful traction. Mapping is way different than stock and again, tuned for bottom to mid power.

The exhaust is FMF but not something the normal consumer can purchase. The header is titanium and tuned for bottom end power. The FMF muffler is longer than normal and retains the spark arrestor for smooth power and to meet sound testing requirements.

Handling the rocks, logs and jumps on his EXC is done via WP 48mm Cone Valve Air Forks, which are much lighter than standard spring forks. Shock duties are handled by a WP Trax PDS shock. Suspension settings are soft and comfortable at the beginning of the stroke and then increasing stiff toward the bottom of the stroke. A main focus of suspension tuning is so Cody can blitz through the rock gardens. Triple clamps are Neken and PHDS handlebar mounts (KTM powerparts) add another level of comfort. Renthal Twin Wall 996 is his handlebar of choice with Renthal soft half waffle grips. A Motion Pro Titan throttle tube helps keep the throttle twistable should Cody drop the bike. A P3 carbon fiber skid plate protects the frame rails. It is made specially for the team and is thicker than normal.

The radiators and cap are stock as are the hubs, laced to Excel A60 rims. A Zip Ty shark fin protects the rear rotor. The gnarly and sharp IMS foot pegs are a little narrower and moved back and down. A SuperB battery is light and powerful. The rear Dunlop is a Gummy 756, and the front is a Dunlop MX52. There are no inner tubes or foam inserts, Cody uses Tire Balls to perfectly adjust the feel from the tires. Acerbis supplies the front disc guard and other protection. There are no frame guards, instead Cody uses KTM grip tape.

Cody changes gearing (usually around a 12/50) depending on track conditions and uses Renthal sprockets and an RK chain. A clear SX tank holds the KTM ETS fuel and Cody prefers the electric start button on the left side. The brake rotors are Galfer and stock size but the front rotor is a floating design. A Selle Dalla Valle seat cover with diamond grip wraps around stock seat foam. The brake pedal uses an Enduro Engineering brake tip with a brake snake.