Bike vs. Bike - Troy Brosnan and Mark Wallace's Canyon Sender DH Bikes


Bike vs. Bike - Troy Brosnan and Mark Wallace's Canyon Sender DH Bikes

Troy Brosnan and Mark Wallace have been putting their Canyon Sender DH bikes through the paces in 2017. World Cup wins and podiums are commonplace for the team despite this being their first season in existence. The attention to bike set-up detail with mechanics Nigel Reeve and Aaron Pelttari are a big part of the team's success. Boris Beyer sat down with the two mechanics to get some bike specifics and differences between the bikes piloted by two pinners with different and unique riding styles.

  • Size: Medium
  • Long chainstay setting
  • Black linkage which is slightly more supportive through the mid-stroke, and very slightly less progressive through the end.
  • RockShox Vivid R2C with 400lb spring. Troy is about 145lbs.
  • RockShox BoXXer World Cup fork (air spring). Likes the weight and riding characteristics. Tried coil but wasn't sold on it.
  • Stem: 45mm long stem, 0mm rise
  • Bars: 38mm rise handlebar at 740mm wide
  • Minion DHF front, DHR rear is go-to combo with 27psi front and 30-32psi rear depending on conditions
  • Brake lever is 19mm from bars. Troy is picky about set-up, levers, bar roll and Aaron Pelttari explains the measuring devices are used regularly.
  • 220mm rotors front and rear at steeper tracks like Andorra, but back to 200mm rotors in Lenzerheide and Mont-Sainte-Anne.
  • Geometry: They have angle cups, but Troy hasn't used with them at all.

Aaron mentioned that despite the fairly similar spring rates, the shock tunes and suspension settings between the two riders are different.

  • Size: XL
  • Long chainstay setting
  • Custom silver link which is more progressive for bottom-out resistance.
  • RockShox Vivid R2C with 450lb spring. Mark is about 170lbs.
  • RockShox BoXXer Team fork with coil spring and Charger damper.
  • Stem: 50mm long with 10mm rise,
  • Bars: 20mm rise bar, width not specified
  • Tire choice unspecified but runs 27psi front and 30psi rear even though Nigel was a little hesitant to reveal those numbers.
  • Brake lever is 34mm from bars. Likes front brake lever to pull in a little further than rear lever.
  • 220mm rotors for Mark as he likes the added control.
  • Geometry: Lenzerheide set-up had a .5-degree steeper head angle than MSA to get the bike steering into the corners more quickly.

Nigel was quick to point out that they don't feel suspension sag is a relevant measurement for what they're trying to accomplish.

Troy's Sender
Mark's Sender

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