Off The Cuff: Brendan Fairclough on Deathgrip, 29ers in DH, Rampage and More


When we bumped into our favorite freeracer Brendan Fairclough during the recent launch of the new Scott Genius in the scenic and shred-worthy Aosta Valley in Italy, we wasted little time getting our mic out and putting him on the spot with a few well chosen questions. As the gentleman shredder that he is, he kindly obliged us. Coming at you hot and strictly off the cuff, check the uncut audio clip below for some insights into the recent launch of Brendog's and Clay Porter's epic movie masterpiece Deathgrip, what Brendan thinks of 29ers in downhill, how his plans for the rest of the year are shaping up, and where he thinks you should travel to ride your bike next. Sit back, relax, and hit play!

Table of Contents

  • 0:00 Deathgrip - the launch
  • 3:04 29ers in downhill racing
  • 7:48 Rampage, Hardline, and other plans
  • 10:44 Brendan's bike travel recommendation
  • 12:31 The End
In my heart, I'd really hope the 29er is not faster there [Andorra], but like I said, I'm just going to ride the bike that's fastest for me after testing.

Brendan shredding the new Scott Genius in Aosta Valley, Italy.

Uhh Brendan where's your beer? Sorry Coach Needles, I'll do better...
Backpack Barry in the house.

photos and interview by Johan Hjord