How-To: Crush Corners Like Our Favorite Pros


Going fast in a straight line is easy. Finding the right balance between speed, braking and body position when cornering takes a little bit more practice. The importance of cornering cannot be overstated with World Cup races often won or lost in the corners. Utilizing proper technique in the turns will not only help improve your exit speed but also increase your control and flow. 

We could just tell you that you need to brake before the corner, work those hips and look ahead. Or we could watch the pros to show you. If you've ever wanted to learn how to lay it over like Blenki, freeride flick like Voreis, cuttie like Bryn or win World Champs like Barel, then this is the how-to for you!

Bermed or flat corners, we've got you covered along with some handy practice and style tips. We can’t promise you’ll win World Champs because of watching these videos, but with these pro tips and a bit of practice you'll improve your flow and will be exiting your local trail corners that little bit faster next time.

Cover photo by Dan Hearn

Set-up and Braking for Corners

A young Sam Blenkinsop shows us the fundamentals of how to set up and brake for a corner so you can lay it over and corner fast.

Berm Busting

Now you've nailed the fundamentals, add a bit of style to your cornering and learn how to countersteer, aka freeride flick with Kirt Voreis.

The Cuttie

No trails nearby to blow up with your freeride flicks? No problems, Bryn Atkinson has you covered with some car park cutties, guaranteed to improve your style and flow.

Foot Out (or Up) on Flat Corners

All that flow and style in the world doesn't matter if you can’t stay upright. Fabian Barel teaches the correct technique to stay in control and upright on flat, natural turns.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Now get outside and practice. Once you've perfected your cornering technique, let us know what you want to master next.

Or just forget the tutorials and ride like this...