Islabikes Sponsor Twentyfour12 Junior Stage Race


This weekend, the Pivot Twentyfour12 will be having an inaugural kids stage race alongside the adults’ 12 and 24 hour races. They have done shorter kids races before, but this is a new event stretching over two days for more adventurous children.

It wouldn’t be very humane to make kids ride 12 and 24 hour races, but the organisers have come up with the lovely, fun-based solution of having kids races that last 12 and 24 minutes. The junior stage race is sponsored by Islabikes, who’ll be there with their entire demo fleet for your nippers to try out. The first day will have a two kilometre dirt crit, and for the second and third stages, racers will join in with the 12 and 24 minute events.

It’s lovely to see event options expanded like this for more enthusiastic kids!

Islabikes Sponsor Junior Stage Race at TwentyFour12

Islabikes write:

“Islabikes will be sponsoring the inaugural Junior stage race at Twentyfour12 in Newnham Park this weekend. The race has three ‘stages’, consisting of a 2km off road time trial and dirt crit on Friday the 28th with the more traditional mass start 12 and 24 minute race on Saturday 29th.

“Islabikes are excited to be supporting the Junior Stage Race at Twentyfour12 this weekend” says Steve Chapman, Events Manager at Islabikes. “It’s a great family event and is the ideal introduction to racing for young riders, it’s all about fun which is how it should be”

Islabikes will be onsite all weekend with their full demo fleet and a sizeable test track. The team will be available to answer any questions you might have whilst offering fitting advice for your aspiring racer’s next ride.

Islabikes founder, Isla Rowntree will be joined by team riders Rob Burns, Keen Burns and Steve Chapman riding singlespeed in the 24hr Solo National Championships. The event will be held from midday on Saturday 29th ’til midday Sunday the 30th. If you see them on course feel free to give them a shout.

Islabikes will be taking their demo fleet around the country for the remainder of the year so if you can’t make it to Plymouth for Twentyfour12 be sure to catch them at another event in their calendar. Further information can be found at www.islabikes.co.uk/test-ride.”

Islabikes Sponsor Junior Stage Race at TwentyFour12

Islabikes Sponsor Junior Stage Race at TwentyFour12