Yana Belomoina's American Eagle Atlanta 2.0 - Mont-Sainte-Anne XC World Cup 2017


Yana Belomoina has propelled herself to the very top of the women's elite field. This year she has so far won two World Cups, as well as a third place in Lenzerheide. She continued her streak by winning the European championships showcasing her exemplary form. This year, the team switched sponsors from Superior to the reborn American Eagle brand, co-launched by team manager Bart Brentjens. Yana has only ridden the new hardtail frame for a couple of races as the first frames were delivered to the team. The Atlanta 2.0 is a bit of a break from the trend of going slacker. The frame is relatively steep. The emphasis has been put on agility and stiffness. The frame's weight hits the one kilo mark, not super light, but it is said to be very stiff.
bigquotes There's a lot of new stuff on my bike. We changed to SRAM this year, running a XX1 setup with a Rotor Rex crank. I opt to ride the normal rings, as the oval rings gave me some discomfort in my knee. I have been running the new DT Swiss fork since the European Champs, it is a bit stiffer and works better in the downhill. The DT Swiss wheels are also something we changed since last race and I like the feel.
A Rotor REX crank is becoming a common sight in the XC World Cup scene. Most riders choose the oval rings, but Belemoina goes for the normal chainring. A Ceetec chainguard adds extra security.

American Eagle Atlanta 2.0
The Atlanta 2.0 frame is stiff and purely tailored for cross country racing. Its head angle is unfashionably steep.
bigquotes I like the feeling of a hardtail. This frame is a perfect fit for me. It is very agile, which I had to get used to, but it is really playful. The speed of a hardtail in the climbs is very important. I might try a dropper post in Australia but I have to try first.
Lightweight Magura MT8 brakes. Lightweight Ritchey foam grips.

bigquotes The way my bike rides and steers is most important. But in the end it should simply work. It is up to me for the rest.
American Eagle Atlanta 2.0
New DT Swiss XRC 25 wheels.
bigquotes What I like most on my bike? My number plate.

Yana Belemoina stats for Mont-Ste-Anne:Rider height: 1.64 meters / 5'5"Rider weight: 46 kilograms / 101 lbTyre pressure: 1.4 bar / 20 psiFork pressure: 45 psi