Tippie Spotlight - R-Hawk Crank System


Aug 2, 2017 at 19:00

Aug 2, 2017

Tippie with the technical rock move.
Brett Tippie plays hard, every day. He’s never been one to hold back, so when it’s on, he’s all in, not just the tip. Even a quick peek at his Instagram account will clue you in to his rowdy brand of fun and certainly have you wondering what sort of bomber gear it takes to stay above board in his energy drink soaked escapades. Bottom line, he needs bulletproof, no-nonsense components that can charge as large as he does.
The R-Hawk Crankset

Tippie uses the R-Hawk crankset and like the man himself, this is no timid creature clinging to the soft underbelly of the bicycling world. It is a bold and durable piece of equipment destined for abuse beyond reason. It’s forged for strength and machined into a manufacturing masterpiece of the tightest tolerances. The strength is key, but because of the attention to weight saving details, the R-Hawk is a lean fighter punching well above its weight.

The R-Hawk’s modular design is the key to the system. The crank axle is actually an individual piece of the system instead of being bonded to the crank arms. It helps keep the weight down, but just as importantly, it makes the cranks future proof. That means that you can pair the R-Hawk with any Rotor bottom bracket, and because they’ve got all the ‘standards’ covered, you’re not going to be left with an obsolete crankset when spacing standards change. So when the next rage in spacing hits, ‘Ultra Mega Boosted Big Box’, or whatever it might be called, you can laugh off the stupid name and keeping using your favorite cranks with a new axle. And heck, for the Pivot Switchblade owners out there, using the R-Hawk system with our [Boost] axle already improves your chain line dramatically.

Blue Rubber Bumpers
Since we’re talking about modern touches, lets throw in some trendy colors while we’re at it. Got a high-dollar rig with some color matchy-matchy going on? Well don’t stop at your cranks! Choose from seven different crank boots to show your bike some love. Protection is important, especially when you’re charging into unknown terrain. The rubber sleeves keep your cranks safe from would be hazards, even when you’re sending it deep.
Boost Axle Spindle

Tippie also uses Rotor Q-Rings. You may have seen your road biking buddies using them, especially if they pepper terms like "Coaching" and "FTP" into their conversations. That's because many of the world’s best road racers have been using Q-Rings for years. It's only now that mountain bikers are beginning to see their benefits, especially now that so many have embraced the single-ring drivetrain.
Direct Mount Q Ring

Before you roll your eyeballs deep into the back of your head, this is not the old Biopace that destroyed connective knee tissue back in the 90s, nor is it the same as some oval option other current manufacturers tout. The Rotor Q-Ring can be rotated in 0.5-degree increments in relation to the cranks, letting you deliver maximum power to the rear wheel and in a way that best suits your individual pedal stroke. Not quite comfortable with the chainring orientation? Then go ahead and clock the position another increment until it’s perfect. And because you’re able to completely dial in your pedaling, you get the added bonus of better traction as a result of smoothing out your stroke.
Tippie throwing the horns. This was taken before Gene Simmons tried to trademark the hand gesture.
So if you’re looking for dependable and efficient new components to let you uncover your pedaling performance, follow Tippie’s lead and crank it up with the Rotor R-Hawk. MENTIONS: @ROTORBikeComponents

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