Remy Morton Loosefest Injury Update


Aussie Junior Remy Morton and his Dad have been touring around in this do-it-yourself van. Not a bad way for father and son to spend some quality time together.
Australian ripper, Remy Morton, first burst onto the scene as a junior on the Polygon UR team a number of years ago. He quickly became a photographer’s favourite thanks to his chill demeanor and abilities on the bike, but he’s had to work hard to make a go of it. His European World Cup tour for 2017 looks to have been a blast if you follow him along on social media, with him hitting the World Cup races, Crankworx, and events like Loosefest.
Remy Morton
  At Whip-Off Worlds, Crankworx Whistler during his Junior season with Polygon UR.
Over the past couple of years, Remy has begun to establish himself among the modern day freeriders. He is a part of the CP Gang, and when he isn’t racing he enjoys pushing his limits on large jumps, the bigger the better. His casual style on such hits has seen him receive recognition from folks like Nico Vink and the Fest Series, with invites to events like Loosefest becoming more regular.
Remy Morton cruising over one of the larger jumps toward the top of the Loosefest 2017 course.
  Remy cruising through the upper line of the Loosefest course two weeks ago.
Unfortunately, while riding the Loosefest line a couple of weeks ago Remy overshot the final jump, a large hip that had a number of the worlds top Fest Series riders nervous. Remy hit the earth hard, busting up his bike and himself pretty badly. Initial reports from people on the scene say that Remy was in good spirits when he came to (he was unconscious for a few minutes), but was air-lifted to a local hospital in Liege, Belgium.
Remy Morton s bike after the accident.
   Remy's bike after the accident.

Current reports are that Remy sustained broken ribs, punctured both of his lungs, broke a collarbone, dislocated a hip, and there’s a small crack in his neck. Doctors are most concerned with the lungs and he has tubes draining fluid out of them in an effort to stave off infection. He was heavily sedated but plans were to bring him out of the fog over this past weekend.

Remy does have support in the way of sponsors—modest brands in Australia like Lusty Industries—but their resources are limited. He works hard while trying to make time to train throughout the off-season, so that he can chase the dream all over the globe. While Remy does have insurance that's covering a large amount of the current costs, he does have a long road to recovery ahead of him. His friends are rallying around him to try and help him out and have set up a Go Fund Me campaign for anyone that wishes to show their support in that way.

Remy Morton.
  Remy back home early this season.
We hope to see Remy back in action sooner than later (we need more #fakiefriday’s in our lives).