Remi Gauvin - The Inaugural Pinkbike Hot Lap


The Pinkbike Hot Lap is our own fun leaderboard of pros and bike industry friends. Riders put their best foot forward down a trail local to Pinkbike HQ and their time is recorded with a Freelap timing system.Remi Gauvin is the first rider to take on the challenge and post a time for the Pinkbike Hot Lap. We capture everything involved in him putting in a fast time: the bike, the rider, and the track conditions—the riders will even talk you through some of their line choices and why they selected them.

The Track

The trail used is called Credit Line. This was chosen as we consider it to be a pretty complete mountain bike trail that tests various riders' skills. Conditions during our first Hot Lap with Remi were far from ideal, with super dry and loose conditions on hand, in addition to poor air-quality thanks to the worst wildfires in B.C. in decades.

Who would you like to see take part? Leave a comment telling us who. MENTIONS: @RockyMountainBicycles