Pump For Peace: Athletes and Musicians on a Mission For a Better World


#pumpforpeace is a global initiative building pump tracks in underprivileged communities, focused on making cycling and action sports more accessible than ever before. No matter your race, gender or religion, cycling has the power to unite communities around the world, #pumpforpeace was founded on this belief and that by making the sport more accessible we can help promote a more tolerant future.

Pump For Peace

Lesotho, Africa is the home of the first ever #pumpforpeace project

Velosolutions have been building pump tracks around the world for over a decade and throughout that time they have witnessed the ability pump tracks have to transform communities and lives by making cycling more accessible. Whilst, of course they are amazing fun for all, pump tracks have the power to unite communities, instill passion, make cycling more accessible and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. #pumpforpeace believes this should not be confined to only the most progressive and wealthy communities, everyone should be entitled to the same opportunities in life.
bigquotes I have personally experienced the power of cycling in my own life. The passion for the sport was instilled with me from an early age and I carry it with me in my life each day. So often we sit back and ask ‘What can I do?’ I know cycling and I have founded a company that builds pump tracks – why can’t we use this to promote tolerance and provide even the most underprivileged with the same opportunities I and many of my friends have had. Well the answer was #pumpforpeace. We are using our experience, our passion and our love of cycling to help bring about change in the best way we know.Claudio Caluori
Pump For Peace

Many of the Lesotho locals had never ridden a bike, let alone experienced a pump track

With the philosophy behind #pumpforpeace embraced by so many around the world, Velsosolutions turned to their friends in the music industry to help bring their vision to life. Both cycling and music have the power to unite people around the world and combining forces would help to reach more people than ever imagined. By working with both local and international musicians it became possible to host benefit concerts that would raise money to fund the community pump track builds. And with that #pumpforpeace was born – Athletes and Musicians on a mission for a better world.
Pump For Peace

Local Lesotho musicians take to the #pumpforpeace stage

As #pumpforpeace rolls out we invite athletes and musicians to join our mission and grab a shovel or take to the stage.
Pump For Peace

#pumpforpeace hosts its first fundraiser concert on the 12th of August in Pretoria, South Africa

The #pumpforpeace team have personally experienced the power that cycling, sport, and music has had in their own lives, they have seen first-hand how it has transformed the lives of many around the world and believe in the positive impact it can have on so many more. No matter your race, gender or religion we want to promote equal opportunities for all.

For more information on #pumpforpeace head to www.pumpforpeace.com | velosolutions.com and follow us on Facebook #pumpforpeace is a Velosolutions initiative.

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