New Polygon DH Bike Sighted at Whistler


Crankworx 2017 has hardly begun and already we have the first iPhone-enabled sighting of a prototype bike that someone at some company would really rather nobody see. Well, let's not be coy: It's a Polygon and, yes, it definitely appears to be configured around the Naild's R3ACT suspension design that debuted on Polygon's Square One EX9 and has since become the foundation of several Marin models, such as the Wolf Ridge.

If you've read anything about the R3ACT design, you've doubtless heard the Internet chatter about how it can magically endow long-travel bikes with XC race whippet climbing abilities. The bikes are said, in some quarters, to fairly levitate and multiply two fish into a seafood platter for thousands... You know, the usual mad-prophet-in-the-desert variety of raving. Check out Levy's review of the Polygon for a measured view of the bike. It's a good read.

So, what do we know about this new Polygon? Nothing. Yet. We've just dashed off a phone call, email and a white raven to Darrell Voss--the man behind the design, to get some more background on the bike. In the meantime, here's another photo. Feel free to pontificate. Ready, set, go....