Movies For Your Monday


Carson Storch - This is Home: "I was starting to realize that I had more fun riding mountain bikes than doing anything else I did growing up, and at about 16 years old I made it my primary goal to make mountain biking my life from that point forward." - Carson Storch

Yard Work with Simon Karrer: Simon has the yard setup many of us would trade anything for. A simple combination of a roll in, straight jump, and quarter pipe make for a perfect setup to put in "work" between contests.

Get in the Van! Vancouver Island with Jeff Kendall-Weed: Jeff finds some inspiration at a neighbourhood garage sale with a handy guide book to Vancouver Island. Fly in to the sunny shores, and check through the list of things to do, and best places to visit, in one of the most special places in British Colombia, Canada.

Dust Destruction with Dane Peterson: Summer is here and deep loam has been replaced with loose and dry conditions. Dane still goes fast anyway.

Twisted Rubber: We teamed up with Henrik Myhrvold to film him twist his rubber during the video competition at Hillbilly Huckfest 2017.

Raw Roosting With Elliot Lapôtre: Slaying corners.

Born From Dust - Weston Potter Killing It: Travelling east from Seattle reveals a whole new landscape as the sun burns away the clouds and loam gives way to sand. Compared to the PNW many know and love, with hero dirt and dense green canopies, Eastern Washington is a foreign desert.

Kevin Sweeney rides Highland Mountain: Video: Peter Jamison.

2017 Western Open - Kovarik Racing: Part of the Dunbar Summer Series.

The Kerr Brothers: Meet the Propain Dirt Zelvy Juniors. Brothers George and Henry Kerr are two up and coming talents on the World Cup race circuit. Both aged 17 and making the step up from Juvenile to Junior, the pair recently signed with Dirt Propain Zelvy and are embarking on their first World Cup season.

Little Demons: Demon factory grom team shreds Deer Valley Resort. 9 and 10 year olds: Weston Lloyd, Fred LaRiviere, Finley Kirschenmann, Alex Mallen, and Luke Mallen are best friends that love to shred together.

Gettin' Down with the Rootdown: Video: Brian Chapel Photography.

Sugar Showdown 2017: The 6th annual Sugar Showdown Presented by Sisters in Action Sports went down with steeze and smiles captured in this recap video produced by Full Speed Digital Cinema. Co-produced by Sweetlines & The Sisterhood of Shred.

Motive #3 - Kamloops: In the third teaser installment of MOTIVE, we see firsthand how the trails and natural landscape of Kamloops, BC shaped the lives and riding of Matt Hunter and Matty Miles.

Garrett Reynolds - TripTape Full Segment: Garrett Reynolds' part from our recent DVD release "TripTape."

Ty Morrow - TripTape Full Segment: That ender 360 drop!

I Beat Mike Tyson: In 2005, an unknown Irish boxer beat Mike Tyson in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Then he disappeared.

Brave: The story of a blind skateboarder called Tommy Carroll, who has been completely blind since the age of two, when he lost his eyes to bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer of the retinas).

The Marvel Symphonic Universe: Let’s try to answer the question: what is missing from Marvel music?

Catching the last few rays of winter light.

Title Photo by: Hailey Elise
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