Maxxis Tires Slopestyle Finals - Colorado Freeride Festival 2017


This year’s Colorado Freeride Fest Slopestyle Finals delivered. After a rainy Saturday that delayed the start until Sunday morning and left minimal practice time before the big show, the athletes brought their A game and threw down harder with more creative tricks than we’ve ever had the pleasure to watch.Long time slopestyle fans and newcomer spectators alike got a show that was equal parts entertainment and intensity. Trestle Bike Park’s biggest event of the year showcased big name riders and fresh talent, all throwing some new tricks into the mix. When all was said and done, we had a first time winner on the top of the box.

Trail Crew had their work cut out for them after Saturdays deluge.

Gotta keep the start list somewhere safe!

After not riding at all on Saturday, everyone was eager to get as many early morning practice laps in as possible

Settling in for the big show

No better way to start things off than a train in memory of McGazza!

First runs were on fire!

The weather was perfect for "Slopestyle Sunday" and anticipation was high to see not only who was going to win, but who was going to walk away with the two FMB Wildcards for Red Bull Joyride @ Crankworx Whistler. Nicholi Rogatkin was ready to throw down on his first run, and claimed his first ever win at the Colorado Freeride Festival. The American was followed by Josh Hult who also grabbed one of the two available FMB Wildcards. Max Fredriksson, who was in his first competition since injuring his collarbone, finished off the podium. Jakob Vencl snagged the last wildcard of the day by hanging on to fourth place after a slew of crazy second runs that couldn't quite oust his position.
As the second runs commenced, nobody knew for sure how it would shake out. Josh Hult improved on his first run, and bumped Max down to third. Logan Peat, Lukas Knopf, and Paul Genovese all gave Jakob a run for his money with incredible runs. Dropping second to last, Max Fredriksson was not able to improve his first score, and Rogatkin was able to celebrate his first ever Colorado Freeride Festival win with a victory lap - which included a 1080 x-up just for fun. It was a killer finish to a great day at Trestle Bike Park.

Logan peat with an insane 720 of the cannon log.

Newcomer David Lieb throwing a triple tail whip in his first competition EVER like no big deal.

1080 x-up on a victory lap? Why Not!

Nicholi literally ending with a bang!

CFF PodiumNicholi Rogatkin - 91.00 Josh Hult - 89.00 Max Fredriksson - 87.30

FMB Wildcards - Red Bull Joyride @ Crankworx Whistler
Josh Hult (USA)

Jakub Vencl (CZE)

Final Results:
1. Nicholi Rogatkin - 91.002. Josh Hult - 89.003. Max Fredriksson - 87.34. Jakub Vencl - 845. Lukas Knopf - 83.36. Logan Peat - 837. Paul Genovese - 82.78. Ryan Nyquist - 82.39. DJ Brandt - 8010. Erik Fedko - 78.711. David Lieb - j74.312. Reed Boggs - 7113. Griffin Paulson - 69.314. Anton Thelander - 68.715. Matt Dennis - 66.716. Mitch Chubey - 64.717. Liam Wallace - 5418. Brayden Hay - 53.3
Watch the full replay here!

CFF 2017 Finals

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