Keegan Wright's Specialized Stumpy 29er - Crankworx Whistler EWS 2017


Keegan Wright is on a roll in 2017. The Kiwi snagged the elite men’s downhill title at the New Zealand Mountain Bike National Championships in a field that included the likes of Brook Macdonald and Sam Blenkinsop. Then there was that fingernail-biting moment when he edged out the Pumptrack World Champion, Adrien Loron, for the win at the Crankworx Rotorua Pump Track Challenge. Keegan also picked up Specialized as a frame sponsor not so long ago and has been racing the full Enduro World Series calendar this season. Here's a look at his Whistler EWS ride.

Apart from the rear shock, everything is pretty stock. I don’t get too fancy with it.

Keep it simple, you know?

One thing that's not-so-stock on the Stumpy is the full Gradient bar, stem and crank spec—Full Speed Ahead is also one of Wright's sponsors.
Keegan Wright s Specialized Stumpjumper 29
Earlier this season you may have seen Wright piloting a 27.5-wheeled version of the Stumpjumper. This time around, he's running the 29er flavor of Stumpy. The 6-foot tall Kiwi ("But I'm 6'3" in my high heels.") is riding a size Large. Would the longer wheelbase be an asset on the Whistler course? It could very well.
The thing that immediately stands out here is that you're running that new Specialized Purgatory 2.6-inch tire out back and, out front, a 2.6 Butcher...
Yeah. It’s kind of like a downhill sidewall, but with a trail tread. It’s way harder to rip the sidewalls on these tires. I’m running the 2.6s out here because they give you way more grip on this loose, dusty stuff... and it just feels good.
Keegan Wright s Specialized Stumpjumper 29
23psi up front...
Keegan Wright s Specialized Stumpjumper 29
and 30psi out back
What are you running for pressures?
Usually, I’ll go with something like 20 in the front and 24 in the back, but here I am running about 23psi in the front and 30 in the back—just trying to stop from flatting the tires. Everything is so blown out and rough right now.

How about your suspension?
I’m running a 548lb rear spring on a 140-mm Ohlins coil shock. The rear shock is, obviously, aftermarket. I don’t think they’ve come out with that on the Stumpies yet, but apart from that, everything is pretty stock. I don’t get too fancy with it. Keep it simple, you know? I am running 170mm travel up front... [laughs] I’m not even too sure what pressure I am running up front.
How about your drivetrain? What kind of gear ratio are you using here?
I think it's a 32 tooth up front... and 42 in the back….? I don’t know, actually [laughing again]. You know, I just run the same thing everywhere, otherwise, it just gets too complicated for me.
Keegan Wright s Specialized Stumpjumper 29
Does Keegan Wright obsess about finding the perfect gear combination for a given course? He most certainly does not.
Magura MT7 Next... no shortage of power here with the four-piston stoppers. They'll come in handy at Whistler.
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