Jordie Lunn Loose and to his Roots in Sun Peaks - Video


Jul 27, 2017 at 12:00

Jul 27, 2017

Vancouver Island's Jordie Lunn has been blowing up the internet recently with videos of his intense riding style and ridiculous forest creations. While Jordie is a born and bred Island boy, he spent a good chunk of his youth DH racing on the trails of Sun Peaks. Recently he made a trip back to the B.C. Interior to relive his racing days and have some fun in the Sun Peaks Bike Park.
bigquotes I grew up racing up at Sun Peaks. We'd go up with my brothers, the whole family. We always had a good time up there. The tracks were always fast, loose, rough... yeah it's great to be able to go back up there and ride still. Nothing's really changed on the trails. They're raw, super fun, and it's fun to go up, think back on the racing days.... and you know, I may not have the pace that I once did, but it's still fun to go up and pretend."Jordie Lunn

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