Going Massive at Loosefest 2017 - Eric Palmer Photo Epic


Loads of people have heard of Nico's massive masterpieces, but nothing quite prepares you to see them in the flesh. All of the newcomers stood in awe with their jaws on the floor. So huge and scary, but you know they're doable. These guys are at the top of their game and nerves are not always a bad thing. These massive mounds of dirt demand respect! A big crash at your local trails is multiplied by at least ten here, so the consequences are high, but when you see the smiling faces at the end of the line, you can see it's more than worth it.This one is about the images, so I'll let them do the talking… sit back and enjoy!
C-Dawg Conor and Bas putting in work before the session. You don't want to hit a rock at 60+km/h
The boys absorbing Nico's amazing creations.
Lots of bike park runs during the day Joel close behind a sideways Bas.
Edgar Torronteras dropped in for one day and shredded with the boys, destroyed everything and was out.
Tom Isted is more comfortable upside down. Once he flipped this jump in the woods I'm pretty sure he flipped it every run from then on.
Everyone was having too much fun on the bike park line during the day. Conor stretching his arms a bit.
It's nearly impossible to capture all of Tyler Bereman's awesomeness in one frame. The man knows how to make throwing a bike around look good.
Sam Reynolds was absolutely killing it, going so much higher than everyone, sideways and upside down. Not actually sure how he got some of these whips back without a throttle!
Tom Isted was getting more and more sideways on the first and after a few warm ups cracked this beauty out!
Loosefest is about fun on bikes. Sam and Edgar demonstrating the point beautifully.
The scale of these jumps is like nothing else. One of the fans getting a front row seat to the show.
Bas was oozing style on all of the jumps.
Watching these guys whip this big never gets boring.
Nico floating effortlessly over the third, from then on 'things get serious' haha.
Remy having fun in the woods. After his massive crash on the last hip he was taken to hospital and checked out. Not great news but he will be ok. With all of his injuries they put him to sleep for the rest of the week and last I heard they were going to try to wake him up the Monday we left (24 July) to see how he was feeling. Our thoughts are going out to him and hoping he makes a speedy recovery!
Nico and Kristof, friends for life having fun together. It doesn't get much better than this.
Tyler yanking it upside down on the last hip.
Conor didn't waste time getting to trick the hip.
Antoine Boulard was making all sorts of crazy shapes all over the place.
The step-down is definitely one of the scariest things on course—such a blind run in—but Bas still manages to squeeze some style in there.
Tom and Joel were getting so close—almost next to each other at some points but with the speed on this step-down, you disappear so quickly.
More one-legged steeze from Bas.
Tom and Joel's trains just got rowdier as the week went on. Tom looking at Joel mid-flip and almost landing together.
Whips in every direction from this man on every jump but you always knew he would have it kicked out.
Loosefest Trains! Tyler, Joel and Bas—it was so good to see the bikes and motos rolling together.
Sam turning his bike around and upside down.
Nico getting some frequent-flyer miles into the sunset on the last session.
The last session on Saturday was so good we were even treated to a good sunset to end it off properly and Bas was the cherry on top.
Last light trains. Sam doing a huge turn up in the middle of it. [PI=15006333 width=window nopbacption][/PI]

Tyler waited until the last minute to hit the moto lip on the third and after a couple goes he sent this one-foot whip just before the rain came in.

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