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Aug 5, 2017 at 16:00

Aug 5, 2017

In the off-season, local rider from Victoria, August Nesbitt worked away at building a jump line which would push his own skills as a mountain biker. Building his own set of downhill/freeride jumps was essential as the riding scene in Victoria consists of mostly technical enduro and cross-country trails with only few jumps and flow trails in general.
Inspired by the riding scenes and features in other places such as Whistler and Kamloops, August set out to bring a different type of flow and style back to his home town. The build was much longer than expected, but in the end, I believe our short film, "Dusk" proves that the hardship of the build was well worth it.
DUSK - picks and holes

DUSK - ruts

bigquotes During my very first years of mountain biking, I was always intrigued by the riders who would explore and build trails in new areas such as the Coastal Crew, Mark Matthews, and Dean Tennant to list a few. After I returned from Crankworx last summer, I made the decision to carve out a new line in hopes of being able to showcase the type of riding I enjoy the most. From the start of the build, I faced many challenges including building all my features without the use of power tools and having to cope with an unusually cold and snowy winter for Victoria. Thankfully, after 10 months of incessant work, going out to the woods any chance I got, I feel I have built something that is unique to my riding style.August Nesbitt

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