Andes Pacifico Enduro 2018 - Registration Now Open


While in the northern hemisphere the great names of the World Enduro prepare to leave their state of hibernation, on the other side of the world, in the heat of summer, a country surrounded by mountains and the sea is the perfect setting for the first major multi-stage enduro race of 2018. Chile is waiting for you, from February 12th to 18th for the fifth edition of the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico Montenbaik Enduro.We invite riders from all over the world to discover some of the highest, wildest, and most fun trails connecting the Cordillera de los Andes (the world’s longest mountain chain) to the coast of the Pacific Ocean.Starting at over 3,600 meters of altitude between snowy peaks, professional and amateur riders descend for five days of stage racing and liaisons through incredible landscapes to finish at the seashore with a cumulative of more than 12,000 meters vertical slope!
For me Chile is synonymous with good vibes! Every time I arrive in Chile I feel at home, the Chileans always welcome us with open arms, smoking asados (barbecues) and fresh piscolas (chilean drink!). You can't ask for more! Oh yeah, I should probably mention the trails too. Amazing! Long, long descents and with so much variation you keep buzzing every day. Do not hesitate, or you'll miss one of the best riding weeks of your life. Every year Montenbaik gets better and better organization, circuits, and food. That's why I always come back.
– Iago Garay, Spain. Andes Pacifico 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 ... and counting.
More than a race, Andes Pacífico is a project that evolves every year. The goal is to discover, develop, and refine a pristine network of trails that cross Chile from East to West, which means that each new edition of the event brings a selection of new tracks mixed with the best places discovered in previous years. There is definitely lots of news for 2018.

From the infamous #antigrip dust at high altitudes, through the green wine producing valleys of the central region, to the incredible views of the South Pacific coast, there is no lack of diversity of terrain and landscapes in this intense enduro week that will remain forever in your memory.

The people are amazing, relaxed, and that's what you want on your holiday, and why not chase each other down hill. Wild, fast, techy, loose, anti-grippy with many cacti around! But at the end of the day, there is heaven, the campsite with all that you want to drink and the food is made by people who love to cook and know how to do it. I loved it when we traveled through the mountains, and how can you forget finishing on the beach... Hold on boys and girls it gets wilder!
– Rene Damseaux, South Africa. Andes Pacifico 2014, 2015, 2016.
Riding in such a beautiful country that I had never been to before seemed so awesome, so I just had to. It really changed my life. The experience of the riding, the scenery, trails, food, and all of the great people I met along the journey was truly unique. I can not wait to return!
– Greg Montoya, Hawaii. Andes Pacífico 2015, 2016.
If you know what we are talking about and want to live this experience, do not miss this opportunity. Here is what you need to know:
• Date: February 12 to 18, 2018• Starting place: Santiago, Chile.

Included with registration:

• 5 days of enduro style stage Racing• 6 nights camping accommodation (tents provided)• Full medical support and medical field tent by Paris Dakar support crew• Airport pick-up and drop-off• All catering and hydration: breakfast, lunch, arrival picnicking and gastronomic dinners (with local wine and local beer included)
• Goodie bag from our sponsors• Kudos & buena onda with the local staff and international stars!Value: $1,850 USD plus Welcu service fee.

The registrations are open at www.AndesPacificoEnduro.com, and as if all of this were not enough, we will raffle three pairs of Bontrager XXX Line carbon wheels of 27,5"and 29" among the riders who register before November 1st, all thanks to our sponsor Bontrager.

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