Mountain Bike Action Magazine | Trail Grams: Riding Tips From That Guy


After years of riding, I thought it would be fun to share a few things I have learned from riding mountain bikes. I call them “take-aways.” Here are just a few:

—If you use a gel nutritional product, place one in your water bottle. That way you always have one on hand, just in case.

—If you ride trails alone (and we all do, stupidly enough), use an app such as Road ID that tracks you and sends a message to your loved ones if you crash and don’t move within five minutes. It could be a lifesaver!

—Arm warmers are great, even on a sunny day. They are light, block the sun, keep you warm on those cool evenings, are easy to store and act as a bit of protection if you are headed into a tough section.

—Buy two pairs of your favorite shoes, so if one gets wet, you have a dry pair for the next day. Also, you will have a second pair of your favorite shoes, just in case the manufacturer discontinues that model.

—Put a business card inside your handlebars for identification in case your bike gets stolen and the thieves remove your serial numbers. Take a picture of your bike (and purchase receipt) for identification/ insurance purposes too!

—Older riders should consider bifocal sunglasses. They are generally in the $15–$20 range online and work great on the trail for those of us who are “visually impaired.”

—Carry two CO2 cartridges, so if you mis-load one cartridge and lose all the gas, you have a second one ready for another try.

Gary Biehl
An everyday rider via e-mail


I am trying to find and order a Nitro Pro seatpost for my hardtail. I’d like a phone number so I can make contact with them. It was posted in the mag in 2001 I think. The websites go all over the board, but the post got good reviews in the mags. I even found a secret 800 number, but that doesn’t work, either. The Tucson bike shops don’t know what I’m talking about.

Jay Urquhart Tucson, Arizona

We can’t really figure out what you are talking about in your letter. We even flipped through our 2001 archives and couldn’t find any mention of a Nitro seatpost. Sorry, buddy, sometimes a product that was made 16 years ago simply isn’t available anymore.


Read the “For What It’s Wirth” column about “Don’t Be That Guy.” Oh man, I think I’m this guy at times. I feel bad for my friends. I will change. Many thanks for this list.