The Lab: Race Face Next SL Cranks Review | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine


Our global test team has been pushing products to the very limit on the world’s toughest trails. In The Lab, durability is rewarded and weaknesses have nowhere to hide. This time, we tested the Race Face Next SL cranks.

‘Made in Canada’ is a bit of a rarity these days, especially when it comes to carbon componentry. The Race Face Next SL crankset proudly bear the tagline though, and they’re an impressive viewing even on paper! Our test cranks (with a 32t chainring) tipped the scales at 453 g, which makes these Next SL cranks the lightest mountain bike cranks around! The tooth profile has alternating thick and thin teeth so that the chain stays in place on the 1x chainring without an issue.

The direct mount chainrings can be switched with a regular cassette tool, and the cranks are also compatible with double or triple chainring setups thanks to the CINCH system. This flexibility softens the blow of the € 549 price tag for the cranks, as it should guarantee long-term fun. Compatible with all current drivetrains, the Next SL cranks are a veritable high-end product that we reckon have even more appeal for Shimano riders who are interested in shedding grams from their aluminium cranks.


  • Low weight
  • High flexibility


Tester: Moritz
Length of testing: 9 months
More info: raceface.com

Price: € 594
Weight: 453 g

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