Finn Iles wins Mont Sainte Anne World Cup juniors - Dirt


Overnight rain left the track far from prime and it was up to Finn Iles to lay down the first hot time of the day with a 4:18.140. He was always going to enjoy a long stay in the hotseat after puncturing in qualies.

Business as usual for Flying Finn Iles.

It wasn’t until second place qualifier Cougoureux stepped up that there was a serious challenger. The Frenchie was fast through the middle of the course but in the end fell 1.5 seconds back.

Las left up at the top was Brit Champ Matt Walker. On the prototype Saracen 29er he had dominated qualifying and was fastest through the first split but encountered a problem and ended up minutes back, handing the win to Iles.

Mont Sainte Anne World Cup 2017 Junior Results

(Full results to follow)

  1. Finn Iles – 4:18.140
  2. Sylvain Cougoureux – 4:19.774
  3. Joe Breeden – 4:22.599
  4. Nikolas Nesteroff – 4:25.950
  5. Kade Edwards – 4:27.475