Rain man - Dirt


Dabbing like a diabetic kid with a sherbert fountain, take nothing away from Dean Lucas, he was on a hot one

Brayton skimmed the top ten and sits just five points off a top 20 finish

We knew it wouldn't be long before we saw Mike Jones back on a podium. It's been a long two years for the Valleys kid

It was so wet that both of Mick Hannah's hands slipped off on the next jump...

You win some, you lose some. Fayolle was not quite as fortunate with the rain this time around.

A crash in the top woods for Atwill left him well back down the standings

Big man Payet tries to make himself as small as possible

For one reason or another, Brosnan really wasn't feeling it this weekend but he salvaged sixth place with an heroic run and made huge inroads into Minnar's lead.

With Brosnan finding some room on the hotseat, the nerves started to kick in

Hart thought he'd pulled out a worldy and to his credit he had, you just can't beat Gwin on a day like today.

Green, red, red, green... red. So close for Hart

It's so great to see Bruni charging again. He picks up a hard-won podium

Crashing through the rain like Moses through the Red Sea, Gwin performed miracles today.

This isn't how Dean Lucas will have wanted to grab his first podium but he's earned some luck over the years. What a year this team is having!

Gwin's roller system apparently caused him all sorts of issues in his race run, he even went blind into one of the rock sections. It didn't slow him down a jot though. Unreal!

Martin Whitely is the wisest sage of World Cup downhill, we wonder if even he predicted the result when the rains started to fall?

The dream team...

What a racer! The boy from California beats the Europeans in the rain. Who would have thought it?

Talk about a contrast, the state of the jerseys tells the whole story