Propain Spindrift - Review - Dirt


There are only a few small negatives to talk about when it comes to the Spindrift. The main point that has to be made is that the rear damper doesn’t seem to be the best choice for the bike. We didn’t feel that the shock tune and/or spring rate was correct. The travel gets used up very quickly when the control lever is not in the firm position and it’s quite far into the travel. A simple tune or damper swap should sort this out like a charm though.

So the other negative is the daps that have been specified. The Onza tyres currently do not compare to the performance of our benchmark Maxxis equivalent. In the bigger picture these are both minor issues that can be easily solved.

The slack seat tube angle also causes some issues when attacking a steep climb when sat down, with the front wheel becoming wayward and light. The Spindrift is not a bike that’s been designed with climbing as a focus but this is worth mentioning.


Low, slack and packing a full 180mm of travel! All in all a bike designed for business.

The positives on the Spindrift outweigh the negatives with it being merely components and a damper tune holding it back. Do not think this is an all day mile muncher, as the angles and long travel mean this is a bike that is designed for descending. If that is what you are after but still don’t want to go full on into the deep end of a downhill specific bike you could very well end up here. This Propain has 180mm of travel on tap and almost DH bike geometry but with the ability to climb back to the top if you choose to. And all for a bargain price to. Result.

PRICE: £2,859.99

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