Loosefest - Tommy C Edit - Dirt


Big man Nico throwing it flat and sideways on the first jump.

u wat u wat?

Ronny Racing and their XL beers.

The steeds of Ronny Racing, best paint job of the week.

Bas Van Steenbergen. Or steezeburger as I named him.

The steeds of Ronny Racing, best paint job of the week

Tom Isted and his Mongoose Boot'r

Harnstrom and his Commencal

Jasper Flashman and his Gambler

Anderson and his Banshee

The youngsters love it here too. This is Riley and he was lapping out the pumptrack like there was no tomorrow

Bas van Steenbergen and his Hyper

Remy Morton and his V10

Kirill Benderoni's rig. The Russian powerhouse took a while to settle into FEST surroundings, but sent the jumps no problem

Clemens Kaudela's stealth machine

Steeze king of the week, Bas van Steenbergen

Reynolds was on moto whip duty this year

Introducing Bill Farrington and his 400 quid caravan, that also happens to look like a strip club. They've just been to Amsterdam in it too!

This is a dried frog cable tied to the top of Ronny Racings ambulance.. apparently it steers away bad weather wherever they go. Bet you never thought you'd hear that

Jaspers cornish pal and co-digger, Chris Lamley takes a swig of tea from his favourite mug

Exactly what it says on the tin

Joel Anderson gives Rat the lowdown on what it's like to ride a 40 second track and be in the air for 19 seconds of it

This is the general FEST attitude towards, well pretty much everything

This is the bike Jasper built for the bike park owners daughter, Lolo, a few years back. Complete with Hope/Fest finishing kit. Not a bad whip for a 10 year old eh?

Nico's largest creation, sitting and waiting at the bottom of the hill. 68Ft to the sweet spot.

Tom Isted soars on one of his first runs down the big line

Jan of Ronny Racing along with Joel Anderson indicating his wants sponsorship from Coca Cola

Scoping, raking, brushing.. and probably procrastinating

Everyones favourite anti-everything man, Jasper Flashman! (I'm kidding). This guy is leading the charge for Cornish freeride, building Woodys Bike Park almost single handedly

Rat sends it super sideways for the camera, whilst making all manor of yelping noises

Vinny f*cking T. The style is unreal