Loic Bruni fastest in Mont Sainte Anne timed training - Dirt


Mont Sainte Anne was Bruni’s first World Cup back after injury last year and he finished third so it’s no surprise he’s got plenty of pace in the bag. Just over a second behind him was Danny Hart, who led for much of the session until Bruni snatched it away.

The Syndicate then come in at three, four and five (Minnaar, Vergier and Shaw respectively), ensuring there’s still a strong 29er presence in the top five.

Further down the resuts, Gwin was bang on pace at splits one and two but took it easy from there on down. Title challenger Brosnan was taking it easy today and finished over four minutes back, not putting down a hot run.

  1. Loic Bruni – 4:08.007
  2. Danny Hart – 4:09.259
  3. Greg Minnaar – 4:12.634
  4. Loris Vergier – 4:13.426
  5. Luca Shaw – 4:13.754