Will Eli Tomac Race in Houston? Currently 38th in Timed Qualifying...


This week, the riders who crashed at Anaheim 1 released personal updates on their status or injuries through social media...but Eli Tomac was notably silent, leading many to believe he'd be fine coming into Houston. As the day has rolled on so far, just finishing up the first timed sessions, things don't seem to be going so well for the Colorado native though. Currently Tomac sits 38th in timed qualifying and only completed four laps in that session before pulling off. We'll have to wait and see if he comes out for session two...and if he can lay down a better time. As of now though, it wouldn't be a complete shocker to see Eli Tomac pull out for the evening if he's experiencing this much trouble. Now the big question mark, is it his shoulder...or his noggin from a possible concussion? 

Check back in an hour and a half to see if he lines up for the second timed session, plus we'll keep our eyes peeled for any official word from the team on Eli's condition or any announcements about tonight. Look below for the session one time sheets. For all of today's time sheets and race results as the night rolls on, head here: Results Sheet - Houston Supercross

Update: Our man on the ground, GuyB, verbally check in with the team. Tomac is dealing with strength problems in his shoulder and it's getting worse as the track ruts up. He will lineup for the second timed session but it seemed unsure what he will do after that.