West vs East: Who's Racing which Coast?


So, let's keep this simple. Which 250 riders will be at Anaheim 1 and which ones will wait for the East coast kick off? Starting first with the major teams, then to satellite programs, and then finally a list of privateers that we know are lining up.

With a provisional list being released for Anaheim 1, there's more privateers on this list while East coast is still a bit less clear outside of riders with a spot on a team. If you know of a privateer going East, list them in the comment section below.

West Coast

#1W / 46 Justin Hill - Autotrader.com/Yoshimura/JGR Factory Suzuki Racing: Justin Hill is on his third team in three years, but will be at Anaheim 1 with his number one plate and ready for a title defense in his last 250 season.

#54 Phil Nicoletti - Autotrader.com/Yoshimura/JGR Factory Suzuki Racing: Due to early off-season injury on the JGR team, Phil Nicoletti will race A1 alongside Justin Hill for the Factory Suzuki JGR 250 effort on a Supercross only contract.

#17 Joey Savatgy - Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki: We originally expected Savatgy to line up on the East but due to Forkner's injury, Joey will line up alongside of Adam Cianciarulo.

#92 Adam Cianciarulo - Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki: Adam is prepared and ready, seeming to be pegged to the West for a bit now. PC will have a strong lineup with two riders that are considered to be title contenders come A1.

#23 Aaron Plessinger - Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing: Plessinger was originally thought to be racing East but due to an injury for Colt Nichols a few weeks back, he's been slated for Anaheim 1 to race for the title.

#52 Mitchell Oldenburg - Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing: Initially linked to Rockstar Husqvarna, Mitchell Oldenburg made for a late season shock by signing with Star Racing and will race A1.

#62 Justin Cooper - Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing: Last year's amateur standout will make his pro Supercross debut for the Star Racing team on the West coast. Living with team manager Wil Hahn, he's been based on the West for a few months now.

#26 Alex Martin - Troy Lee Designs KTM: Alex Martin kicks off his ninth Supercross season and his third on West. We expected him to go East but due to a possible crash for Cantrell, he's signed up for A1 as of now.

#28 Shane McElrath - Troy Lee Designs KTM: McElrath has chipped away at Supercross to emerge as a title contender, taking on the West coast in three of his four Supercross seasons...now he's back for his fourth outing at A1.

#32 Christian Craig - GEICO Honda: After being slated to ride West coast last year and being swapped to East at the last minute, Craig is back on his familiar coast...lining up at the opener for fifth time. Craig gives the GIECO team a shot at the title on the West this year.

#40 Chase Sexton - GEICO Honda: Craig will be kept company by his "little brother" on the team, Chase Sexton. A1 will actually mark Sexton's Supercross racing debut as he was injured during practice at his debut round in 2016.

#42 Dakota Alix - Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM: After snagging a fill-in gig with the Rocky Mountain KTM team on East coast last year, Dakota landed a full-time ride with the team this year but will take his first crack at the West side of things.

#11 Kyle Chisholm - 51Fifty Energy Yamaha: Chisholm will start off at A1 on a 250 for the second year in a row, with the West coast only 51Fifty Energy Yamaha team. We wouldn't be surprised to see Kyle lineup on a 450 come a few East rounds though.

#63 Hayden Mellross - 51Fifty Energy Yamaha: Hayen Mellross will start his third season with the 51Fifty team, rounding off a team of East coast based riders on a West coast team (both Mellross and Chisholm are based in Florida).

#53 Bradley Taft - Cycletrader/Rock River Yamaha: After a major pre-season concussion derailed his Supercross debut after just two rounds, Bradley's back for another go and back with the Rock River crew.

#59 Cole Martinez - AJE Motorsports Husqvarna: Cole Martinez was the first rider to sign to the new AJE Motorsports team but will likely miss the season opener due to a back injury he sustained during pre-season prep. Cole is back to training and riding as of now.

#68 Justin Starling - AJE Motorsports Husqvarna: With an off-season injury to main rider Cole Martinez, Justin Starling signed with the new AJE team after the Arenacross team he was linked to folded up.

#67 Justin Hoeft - IBcorp Racing Yamaha: After filling in at IBcorp for his Supercross debut last season, Hoeft raced Washougal and MEC for 51Fifty racing but has returned to IBcorp for the 2018 Supercross season.

#137 Martin Castelo - IBcorp Racing Yamaha: Martin Castelo of Ecuador returns for the third year aboard the team started around him, and their second year as a West coast effort.

#170 Michael Leib - IBcorp Racing Yamaha: Michael Leib was the winner of the RaceTrack Supercross challenge, landing himself a spot on the IBcorp team for the West coast.

#75 Noah McConahy - IBcorp Racing Yamaha? We're actually not sure if Noah is an official member of the IBcorp team, but he's getting a bit of help from people involved with the team.

#81 Chase Marquier - JMC Motorsports Husqvarna: Chase Marquier joins the NorthWest based JMC Husqvarna team for his third 250 West season.

#122 Chris Howell - JMC Motorsports Husqvarna: Chris Howell continues building on the West Coast with the JMC team.

#92 Ryan Breece - Rockwell/Nuclear Blast Kawasaki: For the fourth year, Ryan Breece is racing Supercross and on the West coast...but it'll be his first year with the Rockwell/Nuclear Blast team. 

#321 Bradley Lionnet - Rockwell/Nuclear Blast Kawasaki: Bradley Lionnet enters his third Supercross season and second on West with Rockwell/Nuclear Blast.

#149 Tallon Lafountaine - H.E.P. Motorsports Suzuki: Tallon will start his second 250 Supercross season with the newly formed H.E.P. Motorsports squad on a Suzuki RM-Z250.

#160 Jess Pettis - MX101 Racing Yamaha: Canadian MX2 rider Jess Pettis will make his Supercross debut with support from his MX101 Racing team.

#71 Josh Mosiman - Privateer/Husqvarna: After racing two years of outdoors, Josh Mosiman will make his Supercross debut sometime during the West coast swing. He must race Arenacross first to get his needed license points, so he won't be on the gate at A1.

#77 Ryan Surratt - Privateer/KTM: Ryan Surratt starts his second Supercross season on the West in '18.

#124 Robert Fitch - Privateer:

#138 Blake Lilly - Privateer/Husqvarna: Blake Lilly will start his fifth 250 West coast season.

#141 Robbie Wageman - Privateer/Yamaha: Robbie Wageman will lineup at Anaheim 1 for his second time.

#150 Austin Walton - Privateer/KTM: Austin Walton will make his Supercross debut this year.

#188 Gage Schehr - Privateer/Yamaha: Gage Schehr will make his Supercross debut at Anaheim.

#226 Dimitri Rolando - Privateer/Kawasaki: French rider Dimitri Rolando will race his third season of West coast Supercross in '18.

#240 Bryce Stewart - Privateer/Yamaha: Bryce Stewart will be racing his sixth season of Supercross.

#246 Chance Blackburn - Privateer/KTM: A1 will be Chance Blackburn's Supercross debut.

#271 Kyle Fry - Privateer/Yamaha: Kyle Fry will start his third 250 West coast season at A1 this year.

#383 Casey Brennan - Privateer/Yamaha: 2018 will be Casey Brennan's third year in 250 West coast Supercross.

#388 Brandan Leith - Privateer/Kawasaki: For 2018, Brandan Leith of Utah will race his third West coast Supercross season.

#422 Philipp Klakow - Privateer/Husqvarna: In 2018, Philipp Klakow will start his seventh or eighth Supercross season.

#424 Tyler Custer - Privateer/KTM: 2018 will be Tyler Custer's third year on West coast.

#427 Deegan Vonlossberg - Privateer/Yamaha: Deegan Vonlossberg will make his Supercross debut at A1.

#448 Broc Shoemaker - Privateer/Yamaha: Broc Shoemaker will lineup at Anaheim 1 for his fourth Supercross season on West.

#497 Brock Leitner - Privateer/Kawasaki: For 2018, Canadian Brock Leitner will race his third season of West coast Supercross.

#651 Jake Hogan - Privateer/Yamaha: Anaheim 1 in 2018 will be Jake Hogan's Supercross debut.

#715 Kele Russell - Privateer/Husqvarna: Kele Russell will start his third year of West coast Supercross.

#767 Mason Wharton - Privateer/Kawasaki: Northwest's Mason Wharton will lineup for his third attempt at A1 in '18.

#792 Bracken Hall - Privateer/Kawasaki: A1 of 2018 will be Hall's seventh season in Supercross and his fifth or sixth time on West coast.

#805 Carlen Gardner - K1 Speed/BWR/SSiDecals Honda: 2018 will be Carlen Gardner's second year of Supercross.

#820 Dalton Oxborrow - Privateer/KTM: Dalton Oxborrow will start his fourth season of West coast Supercross.

#992 Jean Ramos - Privateer/Yamaha: We believe this will be Brazilian racer Jean Ramos first season of Supercross.

East Coast

#1E / 16 Zach Osborne - Rockstar Energy Husqvarna: Zach Osborne will start his tenth and final 250 Supercross season, his first as the title defender and fourth going East.

#64 Michael Mosiman - Rockstar Energy Husqvarna: California-native, Michael Mosiman, will make his Supercross debut alongside the defending title holder for East coast.

#6 Jeremy Martin - GEICO Honda: Jeremy Martin will be at A1, albeit on a 450 for three rounds, before the start of East coast when he steps back onto the 250 for another shot at the title.

#36 RJ Hampshire - GEICO Honda: RJ Hampshire will start his fourth season of Supercross, fourth on East coast, and fourth with the GEICO team.

#66 Cameron McAdoo - GEICO Honda: McAdoo made his Supercross debut in 2017 with MCR on the East before swapping over to GEICO Honda for the rest of the year, now he's back for round two.

#24 Dylan Ferrandis - Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing: Ferrandis begins the second year of his US campaign with the Star Racing and due to a late outdoor season injury his prep began late...placing him East again.

#31 Colt Nichols - Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing: From our understanding, Colt Nichols was originally thought to go West but due to a recent arm injury he's been slated East.

#43 Sean Cantrell - Troy Lee Designs KTM: Sean Cantrell, the SoCal native, was rumored to have hit the deck pretty hard a few weeks ago. We think that he'll head East.

#45 Jordon Smith - Troy Lee Designs KTM: Jordon Smith had to sit out a good chunk of 2017 with a major concussion, due to a late start he's also due to go East. Being that Jordon bases himself at MTF, it works out well for him to take on this title for the third go.

#29 Martin Davalos - Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki: Martin returns to Pro Circuit and the East Coast. Due to slightly late start to testing and off season training with a small injury, Davalos will start East Coast and give PC a title contender on the opposite coast.

#35 Austin Forkner - Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki: Forkner was roughly slated for West Coast duty but due to injury has to settle for a shot back East.

#47 Jimmy Decotis - Autotrader.com/Yoshimura/JGR Factory Suzuki Racing: Decotis is coming off a bought of Lime disease, but will be fully prepped and ready for East duty.

#76 Kyle Peters - Autotrader.com/Yoshimura/JGR Factory Suzuki Racing: 2018 will mark Kyle Peters seventh season in Supercross and his on East. It sounds like Peters was originally going to go West alongside Justin Hill but due to a possible injury he was swapped with Phil Nicoletti.

#56 Anthony Rodriguez - Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM: A-Rod begins his first season with the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM and will race East coast.

#38 Luke Renzland - Traders Racing Yamaha: For 2018, Luke Renzland kicks off his fourth Supercross season, fourth on East coast, and second the Traders Racing outfit.

#131 Jayce Pennington - Traders Racing Yamaha: After making his Pro debut late during outdoors with Traders in 2017, Jayce Pennington continues with the team for his Supercross debut in 2018.

#74 Jon Ames - JMC Motorsports Husqvarna: Although Jon Ames is West coast based, an injury at Red Bull Straight Rhythm pushes him to East coast duty.

#130 Austin Root - JMC Motorsports Husqvarna: Austin Root begins his first Supercross season on the East for JMC's first year as two coast team.

#87 Josh Osby - Redemption Racing/Club MX KTM: With two years of outdoor results and full season of Arenacross, Josh Osby makes his Supercross debut with the newly formed Redemption Racing/Club MX team.

#95 Joey Crown - Redemption Racing/Club MX KTM: Amateur standout Joey Crown will make his Supercross debut on the East coast with the Redemption Racing team.

#114 Brandon Hartranft - Cycletrader/Rock River Yamaha: Brandon Hartranft will make his Supercross debut on the East coast with Rock River.