Submit Your Application for UFO Plastic USA's 2019 Rider Support Program Today!


UFO USA, Jan. 3rd, 2019 – UFO Plastic USA’s Rider Support Program continues in 2019! 

The level-based support program provides sponsored riders with their own personal discount code to use when they order online at ufoplasticusa.com or over the phone at 815-756-9400. Special offers for pro riders and teams. 

Send your resumé to [email protected]!

UFO replacement plastic is made entirely in Italy with the best molds in the world! The plastics are stronger than stock and available in a variety of colors. 

We have restyled and custom plastics too! 

More info at ufoplasticsusa.com

Join the 2019 Alien Invasion with UFO’s Rider Support Program!

Becoming a Sponsored Alien:

Riders send their resumé and requests to [email protected]

Approved Riders will then sign our Rider’s Agreement and receive their personal discount code.

How to apply:

Email your resumé to: [email protected]


- Contact Info (Name, Age, Address, Phone Number, Email)

- List your racing class(es)/Skill Level and tentative race schedule for 2019

- Race results/ media exposure from the past year.

- A short paragraph describing yourself and why you would be a good ambassador for UFO.