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Michael's Take: How's the #1W looking? Check out Justin Hill ripping some sections at Elsinore as he's back on the West coast leading into A1.

Michael's Take: Make sure you stop by and check out the twins at your local Supercross.

Michael's Take: Yeah...

Michael's Take: How Carson Brown spends Christmas.

Michael's Take: At least he broke the bike's fall.

Michael's Take: Grave Digger Christmas sweater and a Carhartt beanie...K-Roc has definitely been is the US for a bit now.

Michael's Take: Speaking of Kenny...

Michael's Take: Josh Hansen's latest setup...DANGGGG       

Michael's Take: Holy! Now that's a crazy trip down memory lane with Tyler Bereman.  

Swipe left.. #TBT to 2007 I was at a private track, there was no one out there, no flaggers, and our parents weren’t there yet. About 20 minutes and about 15 laps in, I Came over a blind jump and there was a dude in a tractor .coming up the landing.. The dude, who was the track owners dad, wanted to .come prep the track for us to ride that day. So not knowing we were already there riding, and were mid moto, he hopped in the tractor and headed up the track.. I came over the blind tabletop and in what seemed like slow motion in the air, I tried ditching the bike at the last s .cond. When I jumped off I landed on the back tire and was stuck with the bike.. I ended up smashing into the front of the tractor and was wedged up between the front wheel, my bike, and the radiator of the tractor.. Was hands down the scariest experience of my life and thankful to walk away alive and to look back on it now and laugh... sort of. All in all, I snapped my frame and bike in two pieces, ended up bruising all my organs, breaking multiple ribs, and breaking my tailbone. Worst part, I shit my pants in the process and .couldn’t wipe my ass for a month after breaking my tailbone.. But was just thankful that it wasn’t worse! Remember this???? @iwanaga_damon #throwbackthursday #death #2007 #dirtbikekid #shredtilyadead #rideordie

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Michael's Take: Non-moto but ouch...

Merry Christmas

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