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Michael's Take: 13 days to go...any predictions for Chad Reed?

Michael's Take: Cause Chad has a little reminder...

Michael's Take: Merry Christmas from the Alessi's with some great news!

Michael's Take: I'll just leave this here...

Michael's Take: OUCH! Hope everything is okay and we see you at A1 Ronnie, that was scary.

Michael's Take: Ever opened up the back of your van and found your bike on its side? Yeah, shitty feeling...

Michael's Take: Now that's a throwback.

Scottie's Take: I can't say that I've ever seen a swingarm break like this.       

Scottie's Take: I think some concrete whoops were posted a while back, but this guy has the wheelie through them down.  

Scottie's Take: Saran Wrap and rubber bands, so gnarly! Still blows me away, I really didn't expect to see Kenny until the outdoors...what a miraculous recovery.   

Scottie's Take: Pump up the volume! 

Scottie's Take: Colton makes it look so easy. 

Scottie's Take: When Goose says "trust me", that's what you do.  

Scottie's Take: Brett Cue serving up pancakes. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!