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Michael's Take: And we complain about the quality of tracks and our bikes here...

Michael's Take: Now that's clean.

Michael's Take: Ummm...he made that look easy. Like, too easy...

Michael's Take: We're just going to start a weekly Dean Wilson kit feature...straight fire!

Michael's Take: Speaking of Dean...he's been watching too much Ronnie Mac.

Michael's Take: Mmmm...it's fresh race bike season!

Michael's Take: A short day in the life of Weston Peick courtesy of our friends at SPNDX Stampede.

Scottie's Take: I cant wait to see what Trey has in store, this could be the beginning of something the sport has needed for a long time.       

Scottie's Take: Now that's a core fan! 

Scottie's Take: It's all Ronnie's fault.   

Scottie's Take: Cool seeing inside Chad's workshop, a lot to do before A1. 

Scottie's Take: Pretty cool for Fox to do. Hope they're flying the Dungey flag a lot this season.

Scottie's Take: One thing Kenny doesn't lack, confidence.