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Michael's Take: Nick Wey knows how to teach the essentials.

Michael's Take: WHISKEY!

Michael's Take: Not dirt related but still worth a laugh or two...

Michael's Take: Mulfs!!!

Michael's Take: Just gonna send ittttttt, with the J-Train.

Michael's Take: That kit...Dean was the perfect pick for Shift this year.

Michael's Take: Denny's comment on Jeff Alessi's PED claims...

Message boards are fun & for everyone. Yes we all have our doubts & questions. I mean why does one of our best think his schedule is too long to be an American? But nonetheless, when I quit racing, I took over the Smith Optics rep. Yes I realize it's just goggles, but Bevo was & will always be my hero & my friend Pagg is an Oakley God. Anyhoo, when you get to know a rider & his family from a young age, you develop a sense of who they are. From a mini rider to eventually their dream of being a pro. During this time, I sponsored & got a grasp of the Alessi family. Tony is a madman I still truly enjoy & appreciate today. Mike despite telling KW to double whoops is a passionate success of the sport. Jeff, the ignored little brother was always hilarious & .couldn't get enough of Doc Wobs R rated English Maxim mags. But here we are. The apparent whistle blower that feeds the Vital MX idiots. Yea I read thru almost 14 pages while my feet went tingly on the toilet, & sorry, your title hasn't changed. The attention starved still seeks their moment in the sun. Are you saying something revolutionary that will bring back 2 strokes? No. But in an effort to explain why, well I really don't know. You claim birth defects & bad hair I guess. End of the day you cried wolf with a JFK expose & even got DC to respond on Fridays Racerhead. Which really isn't that difficult, I managed to do it in a Thankgiving Friday after a poor taste group email in 07. When all is said & done, dirt bike racing is a million dollar industry that went astray when our 90s Champions .could easily out party the fans & a freckled pudgy kid became a 10 & 0 Champ. How we got from there to here is Jeff's 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll. I don't pretend to know the latest ins & outs of what became of multi million dollar .contracts & pussies deciding the season is too long, but I do know this 801 & your stamp your feet look at me now accusations. The dirt bike life is brutal. The best are the best because they have been the best. PEDs never won a Lorettas title nor one of those meaningless regional SX plates I have have in a closet. Basically show your cards or shut the fuck up. You're not a revolutionary.

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Scottie's Take: TWMX's Premix 2 is out, get your BRAAP on after watching this.       

Scottie's Take: You might have to take the back seat on this one Deano. 

Scottie's Take: Josh Hill kills it. Check out this throwback...dang!  

Scottie's Take: I would hate to live where the climate gets like this, makes people do strange things. 

Scottie's Take: My love of B&W photography, well done Adam.

Scottie's Take: The journey Shorty's on is quite impressive, and takes a huge pair!  

Scottie's Take: Non-Moto but the BMX world lost a legend over the weekend. GodSpeed Kevin Robinson and thoughts go out to his friends and family. (I believe he suffered a stroke)