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Michael's Take: Little reminder of what Ronnie Renner was doing ten years ago, now that there's a quarter pipe craze for FMX.

Michael's Take: Watching this makes you wonder what could've been for little Chase Bell...HOLY HELL!

Michael's Take: Turn up that volume for Jett and his KX125!

Michael's Take: The day after Thanksgiving when you just don't want to admit you've gone up a pant size.

Michael's Take: Kenny, stay off the forums.

Michael's Take: Marvin Musquin has been killing it at these overseas races...sorry Kenny, but he's my pick for the title.

Michael's Take: Is this part of your training program...ha

Scottie's Take: This worries me.       


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Scottie's Take: What if? Our forums would explode.

Scottie's Take: Shorty's farm is postcard worthy. 

Scottie's Take: That didn't go as planned.

Scottie's Take: Marvin Musquin got the best of them and crowned King of Geneva.

Scottie's Take: Still blows my mind how far Josh Hill can push that Alta.  

Scottie's Take: Non-moto, but just watch...gnarly!! See you next week.