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Michael's Take: Don't mess with the bear, he's going to get that diaper money.

Michael's Take: Hucking the moto van.

Michael's Take: Ronnie Mac, Lego edition.

Michael's Take: Here's an oldie...McGrath really helped Supercross/Motocross reach a wider audience than ever in his prime. 

Michael's Take: Speaking of which, check out this one of Carmichael and McGrath on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...gear, bikes, and all.

Michael's Take: There's some serious detail in Marvin Musquin's latest helmet.

Michael's Take: I'm a glass half full kinda guy...

Scottie's Take: Check out Danger Boy Deegan out at the Stewart Compound. Love that sound.      

Scottie's Take: Axell shows RV how to do a proper stoppie.

Scottie's Take: Speaking of Axell, this whip hit our forums this week...disgusting! 

Scottie's Take: This made me laugh.

He went flying

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Scottie's Take: It took me a minute to figure out the design on this jersey...

Scottie's Take: This reminded me of a topic brought up on our forum, amateurs on a SX track.  

Scottie's Take: Scrub it! See you next week.  

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