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Michael's Take: Ronnie Mac vs Ricky Carmichael got intense over the weekend at the AUS-X Open.

Michael's Take: Throwing down some style on the Dakar Rally bike!

Michael's Take: Pfff, who needs to skim whoops when you can just jump the whole batch.

Michael's Take: Not exactly moto...but this high speed balls to the face deserves a mention.

Michael's Take: Old school #QuadGod...geez, that's sketchy!

Michael's Take: The King still holds his crown.

Michael's Take: Another view of an Enduro gone wrong that I posted last week.

Michael's Take: #LitKit

Scottie's Take: Dean Wilson does a "shoie" at the AUS SX. They became poplar with F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo during podium interviews, drinking champagne from your shoe (in this case a boot)     

Scottie's Take: Oh that sound...

Scottie's Take: Looks like someone found the old clip of Deegan and Metzger. Not the best re-creation. 

Scottie's Take: Ellie Reed spills the beans on a lot of good stuff in the works, Chad's in for SX and new merchandise line by 22 coming 11/22.

Scottie's Take: Ando brought home the overall Down Under.

Scottie's Take: Cool #tbt by Ricky. I always loved the Chevy / Kawi collaboration.  

Scottie's Take: Scrub gone wrong, or hit the eject button on accident? See you next week.