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Michael's Take: Enduro is dangerous...if you're a spectator.

Michael's Take: I would say it's a case of the Mondays...but I'm lagging this week.

​Michael's Take: Jordi Tixier is putting together his own team for MXGP in 2018.

Michael's Take: Tom White was a damn good man and always treated me well, even when I was an annoying over-talking (still talk too much) 12 year old kid at the track asking him a million questions. A few times Tom let me sneak up into the booth during the Glen Helen National during practice (two day schedule a few years back) and let me talk a bit over the mic. Tom you were a great, giving guy until the end, and I'll miss you greatly...along with so many others.

In the 1990s, I loved to go to the legendary Carlsbad Raceway for REM Saturday Motocross. Practice was always a muddy mess, and your tires would look like giant ch .colate-frosted donuts after only a .couple .corners. One Saturday, Tom White blew by me so fast that I swear my hair went forward inside my helmet. From then on, until the very last time I got to hang out with him (a few weeks ago when I shot this), that was our little inside joke. He never let me forget how badly he waxed me during Carlsbad practice! I can’t say that I knew Tom exceptionally well, but I had a ton of respect and admiration for him. And I think he had some of the same for me. Occasionally, I’d be delighted to see his name show up in my e-mail inbox. Several times, he took the time to sit down and write to me about something he liked in the magazine and his praise always meant so very much. I searched my inbox today and his most recent .correspondence brought tears to my eyes. “When are you going to put up that interview where I got to tell you how great I am? At my age the hope, the dream of being famous on TW (notice how that works with my initials?), wakes me up in the middle of the night. I want the legend to .continue in my mind...the legend of me, of .course! Always faster than you in practice, Tom.” What he didn’t realize is that while he joked about being a legend, he really was. I told Tom that I was impressed with how at peace he was with his cancer, and the .conversation we shared after that has changed my outlook on my own life. I’ve raised two great kids, am married to my best friend, have traveled the world working a job that .comes easy to me, and have had more fun than 10 men. I’m incredibly blessed, and even more so for having known Tom White. I’ll miss you pal. And I’ll never go quite as fast as you in practice, either. #tomwhite80

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Michael's Take: It just gets better.

Michael's Take: Throwback to a good deed by Eli Tomac.

Michael's Take: Photo I shot of the Mac's bush...HA...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Check out Valentino Rossi still getting his practice in on his 2018 Yamaha YZ450F.     

Scottie's Take: The King getting his groove on, sweet manual.

Scottie's Take: Look at that, still in the crate. What would you do? 

Scottie's Take: He almost saved it!! 

Scottie's Take: It'll be interesting to see J-Mart on a 450.

Scottie's Take: Read Jimmy Buttons comment here on this one...the 90's were a good time! 

Scottie's Take: Impressive! See you next week. 


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