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Michael's Take: We will NEVER forget.

Michael's Take: USA, USA, USA!

#7 let's do this!

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​Michael's Take: Assen is a man-made sand track, but it's still ridiculously rough and deep!

Michael's Take: New look for RC?

Mixin gas and...

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Michael's Take: They say if you stop by the back of the Honda racing shop with ten dollars, the man will appear.

Michael's Take: They do Supercross a bit differently Down-Under...

Michael's Take: Damn Darryn, damn!

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Congrats to Cairoli on winning his 9th World Championship. #Legend

Scottie's Take: Remember that idiot who ran out on track at the USGP? Here's more footage. 

Scottie's Take: This guy took RCH seriously.

Scottie's Take: Some raw onboard two-stroke footage from K-ROC is always nice.  

Scottie's Take: I always loved the YOT bikes and this one is a real gem.  

Scottie's Take: More Alta footage from Hilly. He always looks to be having a blast! 

Scottie's Take: This had fail written on it from the word go. See you next week. 


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