SX Pre-Race: Oakland


Let's dive in! We've got the usual assortment of interviews and photos.

The finish line jump was moved to a different area than the original track map (think third base side for the A's), and there are back-to-back whoops sections.

There's also a huge wall jump after the riders cross the start straight following the whoop section.

The dirt seems a lot drier than in previous years, but if we know Oakland, you can still expect some ruts.

Dean Wilson has his Raiders-themed gear. Bring on the Black Hole.

Randy Mennenga from Dirt Wurx checks in with Justin Brayton for some Friday feedback.

Jess Pettis floating a little one-legger over the really big finish line jump.

Whoa, is Angelo Pellegrini a lanky guy, or what?

Man, were we happy to see Kyle Chisholm back this week after a really hard crash at the start of last week's 450 LCQ.

All right, that's it for this week. Check back Saturday for Pit Bits.